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Out of Stock   NEW Granville Phillips 307 Dual Ion Gauge Controller, Side-by-Side PS, 19 Inch Rack, 115VAC 2368.8
Expecting:   8
Anticipated Arrival:  2 on 2021-05-14

Sale: $2,368.80



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NEW Granville Phillips 307 Dual Ion Gauge Controller, Side-by-Side PS, 19 Inch Rack, 115VAC

NEW Granville Phillips 307 Vacuum Gauge Dual Hot Cathode Ion Gauge Controller, Side-by-Side, Power Supply for 19 Inch Rack, 115 VAC, PN 307502-000-T1

The NEW Granville Phillips 307 Vacuum Gauge Controller (VGC) measures pressures from 5 x 10-11 Torr (6.6 x 10-12 mbar or 6.6 x 10-10 Pa) to atmosphere, depending on (PCB) printed circuit board optional modules and transducers used. The New 307 (VGC) for sale in its simplest form as pictured runs two ionization gauges (IG) Glass Tubulated or Nude (NOT UHV) one ion gauge at a time, in the range of 2 X 10-11 Torr. It is a left mount, side by side with power supply for 19 inch rack and comes with AC Power Cord and Power Supply/Control Unit Power Cable. With OPTIONAL Modules the 307 Vacuum Gauge Controller can operate two ion gauges (IG) sequentially, along with two Convectron gauges (CG) or two thermocouple gauges (TC) simultaneously. Pressure readout is via 3 front panel displays, analog output, and available computer interface. The 307 (VGC) is a modular instrument which can be easily customized to fit most user's exact needs.

Infrequently used controls are housed behind a hinged front panel, reducing front panel clutter and allowing the control unit to reside in a half-rack space. The power supply is housed in a separate enclosure and may be rack-mounted alongside the control unit. Reliability is increased by removing power dissipation from the control unit enclosure, which needs no ventilation. Remote mounting of the power supply minimizes heat generated in the user's instrument rack and thus increases reliability of components. This is a NEW Granville Phillips 307 Vacuum Gauge Controller, Cables, sensors/transducers and PCB Module Interface Cards are available but sold separately on this website. For Complete Specifications and Operations, Download the 307 (VGC) User Instruction Manual and Spec Sheet.pdf below from AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS:

OPTIONAL User Installed Modular Printed Circuit Board Cards for the 307 (VGC) (Available on this website) are:
  • RS-232 Computer Interface - PN 307019
  • IEEE-488 Computer Interface - PN 307020
  • Linear Analog Output for Thermocouple & Ion Gauges - PN 307100
  • Dual Convectron Gauge - PN 307013
  • Convectron Gauge & Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge - PN 307026
  • Dual Thermocouple Gauge - PN 307014
  • Process Control with 2 setpoint relays for Ion Gauges - PN 307018
  • Process Control with 6 setpoint relays, 2 per channel - PN 307017
  • Remote Input/Output Control Interface - PN 307012

OPTIONAL User Installed Rack Mount Hardware for the 307 (VGC) (Available on this website) are:
  • Power Supply Cable & Control Unit Side by Side for 19 in. Rack - PN 307009
  • Control Unit on the Left or Right Side for 19 in. Rack - PN 307010
  • Control Unit in the Center of 19 in. Rack - PN 307011
  • 2 Control Units Side by Side for 19 in. Rack - PN 307021
  • 1 or 2 Power Supplies for 19 in. Rack - PN 307008
  • Power Supply in Half Rack Panel - PN 307114

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PDF Logo Granville Phillips 307 Vacuum Measurement Controller Instruction Manual (Brooks).pdf

PDF Logo Granville Phillips 307 Vacuum Gauge Controller Data Sheet.pdf

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