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Out of Stock   NEW Edwards iGX100M Dry Vacuum Pump, 62 CFM 200-230V 50/60Hz, 3.75 mtorr. PN A54612958 31619

Sale: $31,619.00

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NEW Edwards iGX100M Dry Vacuum Pump, 62 CFM 200-230V 50/60Hz, 3.75 mtorr. PN A54612958

NEW Edwards iGX100M Dry Vacuum Pump, 62 CFM 200-230V 50/60Hz, 3.75 mtorr. Ultimate Pressure
Edwards Part Number A54612958

The Edwards iGX Dry Vacuum Pump Series sets new standards for zero maintenance between major overhauls. Improved efficiency lowers the cost of ownership and provides continuous pumping duty throughout the pressure range. iGX drypumps include Ethernet connectivity allowing key data to be viewed via web pages, as well as a comprehensive set of networking options to assure continuous pump availability. iGX pumps are available in a wide range of peak speeds and variants to address applications from clean through to medium-duty processes. A modular design allows users to configure iGX dry pumps to suit individual fab requirements. An ultra-compact footprint allows installation options including on-tool, close proximity, or remote. For more specs and options scroll down to AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS and download datasheet.pdf. These Edwards iGX100M dry semiconductor vacuum pump are new and have Edwards part number A546-12-958 (A54612958).

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Ordering/Models for the iGX Series:
  • iGX100L 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54610958
  • iGX100L 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54610959
  • iGX100N 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54611958
  • iGX100N 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54611959
  • iGX100M 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54612958
  • iGX100M 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54612959
  • iGX600L 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54630958
  • iGX600L 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54630959
  • iGX600N 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54631958
  • iGX600N 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54631959
  • iGX1000M 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54632958
  • iGX1000M 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54632959
  • iGX1000N 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54681958
  • iGX1000N 380 - 460V 50/60Hz A54681959
  • iGX100MTI 200 - 230V 50/60Hz A54648958

  • Lower Utilities Costs. Typically a 40% saving can be made on utilities costs over an entire fab. Based on a 300mm fab in the US, containing 200 tools, 537 pumps 70% GX pumps, 30% iH pumps
  • iGX fitted with constant flow water valve
  • Designed for Energy Efficiency
  • High performance motors and inverter drives
  • Low operating power consumption
  • Lower power standby mode using Active Utility Control (AUC)
  • Nitrogen dilution can be tuned to the application requirement
  • Minimizes gas usage
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • High conductivity materials and good design enables low water flow
  • Precision ceramic bearings
  • Very high load capability for reliability
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • The GX Series includes unique web serving functionality that allows viewing of key parameters through a simple Ethernet connection and browser. Any user can simply connect to the pump to view a range of information, such as:
  • Operating status
  • Key parameters
  • Parameter setpoints
  • Alert summary

PDF Logo Edwards iGX series Dry Vacuum Pumps Datasheet.pdf

PDF Logo Edwards iGX 100 600 & 1000 Dry Semiconductor Vacuum Pumps.pdf

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