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Out of Stock   Matheson Model 3040 Single Stage High Purity, High Delivery Pressure, Nikel Plated Brass Regulator, CGA-580, Delivery Pressure Range 100-2500 PSIG, SEQ3040580 748.01
Anticipated Arrival:  1 on 2021-04-20

Sale: $748.01

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Matheson Model 3040 Single Stage High Purity, High Delivery Pressure, Nikel Plated Brass Regulator, CGA-580, Delivery Pressure Range 100-2500 PSIG, SEQ3040580

Matheson Model 3040 Single Stage High Purity, High Delivery Pressure, Nikel Plated Brass Regulator
SEQ3040, CGA-580

A CGA fitting is the standardized system for the attachment of a compressed gas cylinder to the required regulator or transfer line. The three digit number, CGA (XXX), corresponds to specific gasses which that fitting is tailored for. See CGA Connection Chart.pdf in the downloads section for specific gas types compatible with this Stainless Steel CGA-580 fitting.

Regulator Specifications
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig (20,700 kPa)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4600 SCFH (2170 SLPM)(At 2500 psig, N2)
  • Flow Capacity (Cv): 0.06
  • Operating Temperature: -15F to 165F (-26C to 74C)
  • Porting (Regulator Body): 1/4 NPT Female
  • Porting Configuration: 2 High, 2 Low
  • Delivery Pressure Range: 100-2500 PSIG
  • Delivery Pressure Gauge: 0-3000 PSIG
  • Cylinder Pressure Gauge: 0-4000 PSIG

This is a Matheson Single Stage Nickel Plated Brass regulator with a 1/4 inch MNPT outlet connection and 1/4 inch FNPT body porting. It comes equipped with 2 inch inlet and delivery pressure gauges, an outlet needle valve, Teflon & Viton seals, Nickel plated brass bonnet, and a PCTFE seat.

This Matheson series 3040 model 3040 regulator is to be used in applications requiring delivery pressures up to 2500 PSIG and can accept a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 PSIG. This regulator is suitable for applications requiring the delivery of gas to manufacturing processes, charging of systems, and purging.

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage

Both single-stage and two-stage regulators operate by reducing the pressure of gas supplied by a cylinder to an appropriate output level. The intake and delivery pressure ranges of regulators do not depend on how many stages they have, but by each regulators mechanical characteristics. When considering a single vs. a two-stage regulator there are two things to keep in mind: Droop and Supply Pressure Effect. Droop is the decrease in output pressure caused by an increase in flow rate. Supply Pressure Effect is simply the variation in delivery pressure from the cylinder to the regulator.

Single Stage regulators will experience less droop with varying flow rates but a large supply pressure effect and need to be monitored and adjusted by an operator or used in applications where supply pressure will remain constant. Two-Stage regulators inherently control for variations in supply pressure while producing a constant output and therefore can be used without an operator present and in applications which require a very specific delivery pressure. The specification sheet for this series of regulator can be found in the downloadable section as a .PDF.

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