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Part Number:
  1-Year Limited Warranty

Available Now: 1   Massive High Vacuum Chamber, 41 Conflat Flanged Ports, Test Equipment Rack, Mobile With Casters 14995

Sale: $14,995.00

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Massive High Vacuum Chamber, 41 Conflat Flanged Ports, Test Equipment Rack, Mobile With Casters

High Vacuum Chamber, Mass Vacuum Chamber 41 Conflat Flanged Ports, Test Equipment Rack, and Mobile Cart
Fully Refurbished - Ready To Systemize For A New Research Project

This excellent refurbished high-vacuum chamber was built by MKS Instruments HPS at Boulder, Colorado in 2009 and acquired by Ideal Vacuum in 2016. The chamber is mounted on a blue frame being mobile with casters and levels. It has an integrated 19-inch instrumentation rack which slides in and out to allow access to double O-ring sealed for inner seal pumping on the large sliding access door. This stainless steel high vacuum chamber has an amazing amount of access flanges including 41 conflat flanged ports and 4 view ports, located at various angles with most having a focal point to the inner z-axis of the chamber. The 20 in. diameter large access door has 4 air operated pneumatic locks for push button closure sealing of the access door. We have dimension drawings and CAD files for this chamber for download in downloads to the side.

Our refurbishing process will include cleaning of the inside and out of the system, inspection of all the conflat knife edges on each flange port, replacement of all copper gaskets, new silver plated conflat flange bolt hardware, followed by helium leak testing to ensure a leak-tight product. Our goal at Ideal Vacuum would be to resystemize this vacuum chamber for a new high-vacuum research application. We stock turbo pumps, pressure gauges by most brands, fittings and bellows hoses, and all the roughing pumps (dry scroll, rotary vane, multi-roots) needed to turn this into an amazing vacuum chamber system. Please call us for more information at (505) 872-0037 today.

Features Include:
  • Volume of 12.42 cu. ft. UHV Vacuum Chamber
  • 41 CF Conflat Flanged Ports Plus 4 View Ports
  • Mounted On Mobile Frame
  • 19 in. Sliding Instrumentation Racking
  • Double O-ring Sealed Access Door
  • 304 Stainless Steel System
  • .218 in. Wall Thickness
  • 20 in. Dia. Pneumatic Sliding Access Door
  • Chamber Dimensions L 80" W 20" H 29"
  • Mobile Cart Dimensions L 98" W 46" H 69"

Potential Applications for This High-Vacuum Chamber

This Ideal Vacuum refurbished high-vacuum chamber could fit well into a national or univeristy laboratory for physics, physical chemisty, or chemical engineering type high-vacuum research. This chamber could be deployed into a laser research applications, some examples are, laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy, cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS), high energy physics, laser cooling of atoms, and many more. Some other applications could include:
  • Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Devices and Experiments
  • Thermal Vacuum Testing
  • Altitude Testing
  • Vacuum Degassing Chamber
  • High Power and Ultra Short Pulsed Lasers Research and Development
  • Ion Acceleration
  • Helium Leak Testing of Hermetic Sealed Devices With Welded In Helium Atmosphere
  • Leak Detection Of Pharma Packaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Molecular Ion Trap
  • Cryostat Vacuum Chamber
  • Ion Beamlines

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PDF Logo MKS CHMB, NREL# 1700-11-00 CF Conflat Chamber Dimensions.pdf

PDF Logo IVP CF Conflat Chamber Port Locations.pdf

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