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Available Now:  3   MKS Granville Phillips 275 Mini Convectron Module Gauge, 3-Digit display, 1/8 inch NPT, 275904-EU-T 994.98
Expecting:   7
Anticipated Arrival:  7 on 2021-10-27

Sale: $994.98



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MKS Granville Phillips 275 Mini Convectron Module Gauge, 3-Digit display, 1/8 inch NPT, 275904-EU-T

MKS Granville Phillips 275 Mini Convectron Module Gauge with 3-Digit display on the sensor, 1/8 inch male NPT, 275904-EU-T
Power Supply Not Included, Purchase Seperately P105340

The MKS Granville Phillips 275 mini convectron module gauge comes with a 3-Digit display on the sensor and 2 built-in adjustable two set points pressure reading and a vacuum connection of 1/8 NPT pipe thread, 1/2 inch tubulation. This gauge measures vacuum pressure from atmosphere to 1x10-4 Torr and are ideal for roughing and foreline pressure measurement. It provides reliable fast response measurement, in milliseconds rather than seconds as in the case with thermocouple-type gauges. The high accuracy of the Granville Phillips 275 mini convectron module vacuum gauge sensor and repeatability help insure that processes start at the desired pressure time-after-time. However, they are sensitive to the chemical composition of the gases being measured and are termed a relative pressure measurement method, that is, they determine the pressure indirectly from the thermal conductivity property of the gas medium. (Granville Phillips Convectron Controller shown in photographs is available but not included at list price).

Modular vacuum gauges are an ideal solution for applications that do not need front panel displays and controls. These compact, convenient, reliable, cost-saving modules have the control electronics mounted directly on the gauge. The all-metal package provides a rugged enclosure and a high level of immunity to electrical noise. Mini-Convectron Modules use the latest electronics technology to operate the Granville-Phillips®Convectron®Gauge. The Convectron Gauge has become an industry standard. It is a unique variation of thermal conductivity gauges where pressure measurement is based on the rate of heat loss from a sensor wire. Unlike traditional thermocouple and Pirani gauges that use only conductive heat loss, Convectron Gauges take advantage of heat loss due to convection at higher pressures. This extends the range of accurate, repeatable measurement to atmosphere.

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  • Wide Measurement Range: Allows vacuum system performance to be monitored continuously from atmosphere to 1x10-4 Torr (1x10-4 mbar).
  • Individual Calibration: Assures the highest level of accuracy and gauge-to-gauge reproducibility.
  • All-metal Package: Provides a high level of immunity to RF noise and is CE compliant.
  • Local Display: An easy-to-read 3-digit green LED display gives a point-of-use pressure indication.
  • Process Setpoints: Relay contacts are available on most versions to control other vacuum equipment and provide safety interlocking.
  • Linear Analog Output Version: Outputs a linear, high-level dc signal of 0 to 10 volts, for 0 to 1 Torr, which can be used to control pressure related processes, or read directly by a digital volt meter (DVM) or data acquisition system.
  • Digital Display Version: Provides an easy-to-read, 3-digit green LED display that automatically adjusts between two ranges (Torr and mTorr or kPa and Pa). It has two setpoint relays that can easily be adjusted using the digital display.
  • Digital Interface Version: Provides an RS-485 interface for easy compatibility with computer controlled processes. It has two setpoint relays that are adjusted through the RS-485 interface.
  • Low Power Requirements: System integration is easy using standard low voltage dc power sources.
  • Replaceable Gauge: Gauge can be quickly and easily replaced using only a screwdriver.

VCR-TM Swagelok Company

PDF Logo MKS 275 Mini Convectron Analog, RS485 & DeviceNet Modules Data Sheet.pdf

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