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MKS Granville Phillips 355 Micro-Ion Vacuum Gauge, (UHV Range) w/ Dual Tungsten Filament CF 1.33 in. PN: 355001-TF

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MKS Granville Phillips 355 Micro-Ion Vacuum Gauge, (UHV Range) w/ Dual Tungsten Filament CF 1.33 in. PN: 355001-TF 523.27
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MKS Granville-Phillips 355 Micro-Ion Vaccum Gauge, Dual Yttria-Coated Iridium Filament, CF 1.33 in. (UHV Range).
MKS Granville-Phillips Part Number: 355001-TF.

This is a Micro-Ion Gauge with a CF 1.33 in. mount and dual tungsten filaments.

The Micro-Ion gauge is the world's smallest ionization gauge and occupies less than 10% of the volume of a conventional glass gauge or nude gauge, allowing for easy installation in complex, tightly packed vacuum systems. With a high performance, patented, dual ion collector design which increases electron path length and ion collection efficiency, this gauge provides high performance in a small volume. The dual filaments and grid windings that are attached to the grid posts every 180 increase sensitivity, long-term stability and long gauge life. Unscheduled downtime is avoided by using the second filament as a back-up until the gauge can be replaced during regular maintenance procedures.

At only 8% of the power consumption of a traditional glass or nude gauge, these Micro-Ion gauges run cooler and generate significantly less heat-related process or experiment disturbances. The built-in port shield protects the electrode assembly from damage during assembly or vacuum chamber maintenance, and provides a stable electrical environment for improved measurement performance. These gauges have all-metal enclosures which prevents grid and filament damage during mounting and eliminates the risk of glass breakage. These gauges are available in many port options, making installation very simple in your vacuum system.

Works with MKS Granville-Phillips 358 Micro-Ion gauge vacuum controller models.
Benefits of the Micro Ion Gauge:
  • World's Smallest Ion Gauge-only 10% the size of conventional glass gauges
  • Only 8% of the Power Consumption of Traditional Glass or Nude Gauges
  • High Performance
  • Long Term Stability
  • Long Gauge Life
  • Dual Filaments
  • Cooler Operation
  • Built-In Port Shield
  • All Metal Enclosure
  • Wide Selection of Port Fittings

MKS 355 Micro-Ion gauges are available with these fittings:


Granville Phillips 355 Micro Ion Gauge
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