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MKS Granville Phillips 355 Micro-Ion ATM Modular Vacuum Pressure Transducer, Digital Display, DeviceNet, yttria-coated iridium filament, 2.75 CF
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MKS Granville Phillips 355 Micro-Ion ATM Modular Vacuum Pressure Transducer, Digital Display Torr Readout, DeviceNet, yttria-coated iridium filament, 2.75 CF inlet. Pressure Measurement of 1x10-9 Torr. PN: 355620-2-YG-T The MKS Granville-Phillips 355 Micro-Ion ATM module combines proven Micro-Ion ionization gauge technology with a miniature Conductron heat loss sensor to provide accurate, continuous pressure measurement from high vacuum to atmosphere. Using its diaphragm sensors, this product is capable of providing accurate absolute pressure up to atmosphere along with precision indication of vacuum chamber differential pressure from ambient. The unique sensor design eliminates thermal effects that can influence the performance of the heat loss sensor at higher pressures. This small module combines all four sensors and control electronics in a compact modular design, reducing the number of gauges required on a chamber and minimizing the required space. The full range pressure measurement is output signal with DeviceNet digital interface. This is a DeviceNet version having setpoints that can be configured for process control, with the ability to assign the relays at any pressure across the vacuum pressure range or to a specific differential pressure value. BENEFITS INCLUDE: •Continuous pressure measurement from 1 x 10-9 high vacuum to atmosphere. • Precision differential pressure measurement at atmosphere. • Eliminates need for discrete atmospheric switches. • Eliminates need for three separate sensors. • Ionization gauge yttria-coated iridium, filaments increase equipment uptime. • Automation of ionization gauge activation and deactivation. • Setpoint relays for process control. • Field replaceable gauge assembly. • DeviceNet output. Modular vacuum gauges are an ideal solution for applications that do not need front panel displays and controls. These compact, convenient, reliable, cost-saving modules have the control electronics mounted directly on the gauge. The all-metal package provides a rugged enclosure and a high level of immunity to electrical noise. Mini-Convectron Modules use the latest electronics technology to operate the Granville-Phillips®Convectron®Gauge. The Convectron Gauge has become an industry standard. It is a unique variation of thermal conductivity gauges where pressure measurement is based on the rate of heat loss from a sensor wire. Unlike traditional thermocouple and Pirani gauges that use only conductive heat loss, Convectron Gauges take advantage of heat loss due to convection at higher pressures. This extends the range of accurate, repeatable measurement to atmosphere.

Condition: New

Product Number: P1012041

Price: $2,131.92

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