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NEW MKS MGPD-E Power Supply and Display For Numerous MKS Pressue Gauge Sensors Transducers
Out of Stock

MKS MGPD-E Power Supply and Display For MKS Pressue Gauge Sensors Transducers This is the MGPD-E Controller ONLY - Compatible with Numerous MKS Sensors see below) The MGPD-E Power Supply and Dispaly controller is designed to be user-friendly and to provide fast, reliable pressure measurement from 10 3 to 10-10 Torr. The MGPD-E is well-suited for industrial, process and analytical applications including pressure measurement of high vacuum chambers and control of high vacuum systems. The MGPD-E digital controller features two standard independent relay set points, which allows you to confidently control your process. Select set points from the front panel while viewing the display. Red LEDs indicate set point activation status. Compatible MKS Sensor Transducers • 901P Micro-Pirani / Piezo • 902B Absolute Piezo • 903 Inverted Mag Cold Cathode • 910 Micro-Pirani / Piezo • 925 Micro-Pirani • 971B, 972B, 974B Micro-Pirani / Cold Cathode • 523 Wide Range Cold Cathode This unit is brand new and comes with power cord, an accessory connector kit for mounting, and an instruction manual. All Sensors and signal cables are sold separetely on this website. A complete specification brochure and operations manual are available for download in PDF format to the left.

Condition: New

Product Number: P109053

Price: $1,442.10

NEW MKS PDR900 Vacuum Gauge Controller for Series 900 Transducers PN PDR900-12-US
Out of Stock
Expecting: 8
Arrival: 3 on 2022-10-05

NEW MKS PDR900 Vacuum Gauge Controller for Series 900 Transducers The MKS The PDR900 power supply and readout unit is a stand alone, single channel controller for use with the Series 900 digital vacuum transducers. The instrument sets new standards for vacuum gauge controllers and can be used as a stand-alone power supply readout unit or as a tool for configuration, calibration and diagnostics of system integrated transducers in OEM applications. The PDR900 controller is the ideal solution for vacuum measurement, configuration of digital transducers and advanced system diagnostics. The controller features an easy to use menu-driven user interface, which guides the user through setup and configuration of remote transducer parameters. The readout unit communicates digitally with the transducer which eliminates analog measurement noise coupling via transducer cables. The unit automatically detects the 900 series transducer types, and can be used with both RS232 and RS485 transducers (Not compatible with 909/909A or 903 analog transducers). For Complete Specs and Operation Information See AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS Below. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. HPS®, Quattro™, and MicroPirani™ are Registered Trademark of MKS Instruments Inc. PDR900 Single Channel Controller, RS232 or RS485, US PN PDR900-12-US All Prices subject to change without notice

Condition: New

Product Number: P102879

Price: $1,183.45

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