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Kinney Tuthill Model KT-850 Oil-Sealed Rotary Piston Pump Rebuilt, 780 CFM, 10 mTorr

The Kinney Tuthill Model KT-850 is a large 780 CFM oil-sealed rotary piston vacuum pump that is the standard for industrial roughing vacuum applications. The Kinney Tuthill KT 850 can rough from atmosphere to itís 1.0x10-2 Torr ultimate pressure and have a 40 horse power motor. The Kinney Tuthill KT pumps are self-contained, oil-sealed rotary piston type units. The piston is driven eccentrically around the pump shaft and guides through two floating hinge bars that are free to oscillate in the pump housing. The exhaust valves are of the corrosion-resistant, heavy duty, poppet type. When the pump is in operation, lubrication of the internal parts is completely automatic. Oil is forced by atmospheric pressure from the reservoir through the oil lines to the shaft bearings. The oil is then fed into the pump to provide the necessary piston-to-cylinder oil seal. Finally, the oil is forced out through the exhaust valve with the air and returns to the reservoir. A solenoid valve automatically prevents oil from flooding the pump in the event of a power failure, or when the pump is shutdown without vacuum being broken. These Kinney Tuthill KT-850 oil-sealed rotary piston vacuum pumps require 28 gallons of Kinney Tuthill AX vacuum pump oil, have an 8 inch ASA inlet flange, a 4 inch ASA / ANSI discharge flange, are water cooled with 1/2 inch female NPT water cooling connections, and operate on 3-Phase 208-230 VAC or 440-480 VAC at 60 Hz. The pump intake is 8 inch ASA ANSI without o-ring groove, therefore, the intake adapter fitting need to include an o-ring groove. The Kinney Tuthill KT-850 user's instruction and parts manuals are available in PDF format below.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P105900

Price: $29,995.00

Rebuilt Kinney Tuthill KTC 60 KTC60B Two Stage Triplex Rotary Piston Pump 220/480 AC 3 ph

This Rebuilt Kinney KTC 60 oil-sealed, compound rotary piston pump produces the lowest pressures achievable with mechanical pumps. Two pumping chambers in parallel are backed by a third pumping chamber in series and produce an ultimate pressure 0.2 microns as indicated by a McLeod Gauge (2 x 10-4 Torr). The pumps are simple to operate and require straightforward maintenance without special tools. The moving parts in the triplex pumps are inherently dynamically balanced so the pumps run smoothly and quietly. The standard vibramounts virtually eliminate vibration transmitted to the floor. Adjustable gas ballast valves can reduce or prevent contamination of the oil, and can be used to clean oil that has become contaminated with vapors. The gas ballast can also be cracked open to quiet the pump when operating at blank-off. The KTC-60 is air-cooled and oil is circulated by vacuum generated by the pump itself. Two solenoid valves control the oil flow.

Condition: Rebuilt

Product Number: P109918

Price: $6,500.00

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