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  1-Year Limited Warranty

Available Now: 5   Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Rack-Mount Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controller, DV6M 4VCR 963.78


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Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Rack-Mount Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controller, DV6M 4VCR

Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Rack-Mountable Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controller, DV6M 4VCR Sensor and Ethernet Connectivity

Our Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Thermocouple Gauge Controller is an all-in-one solution that provides low-noise, stable and repeatable rough vacuum pressure measurements from 1 x 10-3 Torr to 1.999 Torr (1 to 1,999 mTorr). This unit is equipped with two (Type C) set point relay controls that can be used to activate wired valves and transducers. A built-in safety mechanism automatically vents the unit to ambient pressure following uncontrolled and sudden power loss. The compact (1/8 DIN) rack-mountable, lightweight controller comes with the following items:

XactGauge KG-120e, Ethernet Enabled Controller and Display
Teledyne Hastings DV-6M Vacuum Gauge Tube with 4VCR fitting
Factory Calibration of Controller to Sensor
Gauge Tube Cable
5V 1.5A Power Supply Adapter with 6 feet of Cable
RS232 Null Modem
6 feet RS232 Cable
3 feet Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable
12 feet Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
Mounting Hardware Options
Network Setup Software

This Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e thermocouple gauge controller is powered by an included 5V, 1.5A power supply, plugged into your 115-240 VAC 50/60 Hz outlet. They have a large 6 digit red LED display for easy reading from across a room or from dimly lit locations. The front panel displays in Torr, mbar and kPa and also includes indicators for two set points.

All of our XactGauge XG-120 thermocouple gauge packaged controller/sensor units are delivered calibrated to a NIST standard. These controllers are also equipped with 2 control relays: type C rated at 7A and 250V, as well as serial and 5V analog outputs, enabled for quick integration into a wide variety of systems. The 5V output is proportional to display reading where 1 millivolt equals 1 millitorr.

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Availability Of Kit Components

Kit: P108452 - Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Rack-Mount Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controller, DV6M 4VCR
Teledyne Hastings DV-6M-VCR Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube, 4-VCR Fitting for 0.001 to 1 Torr Range
Ideal Vacuum XactGauge XG-120e Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Rack Controller Without Sensor
PDF Logo XactGauge XG120 & 120E Connection Manual.PDF

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