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Available Now: 12   Ideal Vacuum Products IVP-200 Brand Vacuum Oil, Our Substitute For Oerlikon Leybold HE-200, LVO 100, 1 Quart 40


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Ideal Vacuum Products IVP-200 Brand Vacuum Oil, Our Substitute For Oerlikon Leybold HE-200, LVO 100, 1 Quart

Ideal Vacuum Products IVP-200 Vacuum Pump Oil
Our Substitute For Discontinued Oerlikon Leybold HE-200 HE200, Substitute for Leybonol LVO 100, 1 Quart

Our Ideal Vacuum Products brand oil IVP-200 can be used as our substitute for discontinued Oerlikon Leybold HE200 HE-200 vacuum pump oil. Our IVP-200 vacuum pump oil is quality mechanical vacuum pump oil for the ultimate performance of your vacuum pumps. Ideal Vacuum Products IVP200 is a hydrocarbon vacuum pump oil and used for pumping air, chemically inert gases and water vapor. Ideal Vacuum Products IVP200 brand vacuum pump oil is optimized for use in Oerlikon Leybold Ruvac Roots, E & DK series rotary piston, and Trivac A & B rotary vane vacuum pumps. We recommend that you change your vacuum pump oil at least every 3 months to prolong the life of your vacuum pump. Ideal Vacuum Products IVP-200 vacuum pump oil can be mixed with or used as our substitute for Oerlikon Leybold HE200 (100% compatible with each other).

Ideal Vacuum Products IVP200 Brand Oil Viscosity - ISO VG Class 100(ca.)

  • at 40 Celcius 95 mm2/s
  • at 100 Celcius 10.5 mm2/s

Ideal Vacuum Products IVP200 Oil can be used for:

  • Oerlikon Leybold TRIVAC Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps - D2A, D4A, D8A, D16A, D30A, D60A, D90A, D2.5E, D1.6B, D4B, D8B, D16B, D25B, D40B, D65B

  • Oerlikon Leybol RUVAC Pumps - WA/WAU 251, WA/WAU 501, WA/WAU 501H, WA/WAU 1001, WA/WAU 1001H, WA/WAU 2001, WA/WAU 2001H, RA 3001, RA 5001

  • Oerlikon Leybold E+DK Rotary Piston Pumps - DK50, DK100, DK 200, E75, E225, & E250

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