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Ideal Vacuum Products IVP 101 Flushing Fluid for Hydrocarbon Oil Filled Vacuum Pumps, Quart

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Ideal Vacuum Products IVP 101 Flushing Fluid for Hydrocarbon Oil Filled Vacuum Pumps, Quart 30.19


Ideal Vacuum Products IVP 101 Hydrocarbon Flushing Fluid for Hydrocarbon Oil Filled Vacuum Pumps, (Sold as a Quart)

This is a flushing or cleaning fluid for vacuum pumps that utilize hydrocarbon based mineral oils. The IVP 101 Hydrocarbon Flushing Fluid is made to be used between oil changes to help maintain the longevity of the vacuum pump. It helps clean out the sludge and residue left in the oil case prior to completely refilling with hydrocarbon oil. The flushing fluid will not damage any seals, valves, o-rings or any other internal workings of the vacuum pump. DO NOT USE with PFPE oil filled vacuum pumps. For any additional information about the IVP 101 Flushing Fluid please refer to the MSDS sheet in the Manuals (pdf) section below.

    Step by Step Procedure for Use:

  • 1. Place a small amount of IVP 101 Flushing Fluid in a container and set aside. This is to compare against flushing fluid that is drained from the pump after completing these steps.

  • 2. Run the vacuum pump till the sump is warm, roughly half an hour, and disconnect from electrical source.

  • 3. While the vacuum pump is warm, drain existing hydrocarbon oil using the drain port at the base of the pump. Tilt the pump so that the majority of the oil is drained; if possible rotate the pump mechanism manually to ensure most of the oil has been drained. Repeat this step until all oil has been drained.

  • 4. Place funnel in the exhaust port of the vacuum pump and fill pump until the IVP 101 Flushing Fluid can be seen at the halfway mark of the sight glass. Reconnect to electrical source and turn pump on, add more flushing fluid if necessary to reach the half mark on the sight glass.

  • 5. Run pump for half an hour to circulate flushing fluid. If pump has a gas ballast valve then alternately open and close the valve to help agitate the flushing fluid in the pump.

  • 6. Disconnect pump from electrical source and drain flushing fluid, following the same procedure from step 3.

  • 7. Place a small amount of the drained flushing fluid in a container to compare color and sediment levels to the original sample taken in step 1. If the flushing fluid is very discolored then a second flushing should be considered.

  • 8. When the pump is drained and the color of flushing fluid is closest to the original color then the pump is ready to be drained completely and refilled with Hydrocarbon Oil. Now the pump is ready to return to service.


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