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Out of Stock   IVP iCart Mobile High-Vacuum System, Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Pump, CF 6 In, Adixen 2021SD Wet Pump 23995

Sale: $23,995.00



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IVP iCart Mobile High-Vacuum System, Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Pump, CF 6 In, Adixen 2021SD Wet Pump

IVP iCart Mobile High-Vacuum System - Configured with Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Pump, CF 6 Inch Conflat Inlet, Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Wet Pump, All-In-One, Easy to Use, Complete with Wheels, Brakes, and Adjustable Levelers.

This configuration of our unique iCart Mobile high-vacuum systems include the Pfeiffer HiPace 300 turbo molecular high vacuum pump with CF 6 inch Conflat intake flange and Adixen 2021SD oil-sealed rotary vane backing pump. This iCart configuration will have an ultimate pressure of 3.5x10-10 Torr, a pumping speed of 260 l/s, and includes the following items:

  • Pfeiffer HiPace 300 Turbo Drag Pump with Integrated TC400, with CF 6 inch Conflat Inlet, Part No. PM P03 901 PMP03901.
  • Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD Dual Stage Rotary Vane Backing Pump.
  • Pfeiffer DCU310 Display and Operating Control Unit with connection cable, Part No. PM C01 822 PMC01822.
  • Connection Cable 3 meters, Part No. PM 061 352-T PM061352-T.
  • HiPace 300 Air Cooling Fan, Part No.PMZ01302 PM Z01 302.
  • Adixen OME-25S Oil Mist Eliminator.
  • Splinter Screen Centering Ring, CF 6.0 inches
  • Rolling Cart with Adjustable Turbo Pump And Controllers.
  • Single 110-120 VAC 20 Amp power cable.
  • (OPTIONAL) Water Cooling Kit, Part No. PM016624-T.
  • (OPTIONAL) TVF 005 Vent Valve M8 Plug, Part No. PMZ01291.
  • (OPTIONAL) High Pressure Gauge system - We Recommend Pfeiffer PKR-251 with TPG-261 Controller

Our iCart Mobile high-vacuum systems are all-in-one packages that are simple and easy to use. They combine both the high-vacuum turbo molecular and roughing pumps all-in-one. Each iCart Mobile systems have user adjustable height for the turbo molecular pump and controller allowing our system to adapt to your design needs. The user interface is angled upward for easy view during operation. They are designed so that an optional pressure gauge can be installed into the system. We recommend the Pfeiffer PKR-251 full-range vacuum pressure gauge which measures pressure from atmosphere to 1-x10-9 Torr, along with the Pfeiffer SingleGauge TPG 261 single channel measurement controller (optional accessories are sold separately). You are ready to start using our iCart Mobile high-vacuum systems right out of the box. They can be operated on 1-Phase 115 or can be set to 220 VAC.

Our iCart Mobile system contains wheels with locking brakes, adjustable levelers, and a single input electrical power cable (rated up to 20 Amps). These carts are an ideal starting point for you to build your own mobile high-vacuum system and are prefect solutions for many laboratory research, national laboratory, and industrial vacuum applications.

The high-vacuum on this iCart Mobile system configuration is provided by the Pfeiffer HiPace 300 compound turbo molecular pump which are excellent for ultra high vacuum applications. They have a CF 6 inch Conflat intake, DN16 (KF16) exhaust flange, and G 1/8" venting connection. This iCart Mobile system configuration includes a TC400 (24VDC) integrated electronic drive unit, DCU310 turbo pump display operating control unit, fan, splinter screen, AC power cords, and connection cables all integrated into this iCart Mobile system package. The Pfeiffer HiPace 300 turbo pumps have a pumping speed of 260 l/sec with nitrogen. The complete Pfeiffer HiPace 300 and DCU-310 operating instruction manuals can be downloaded in PDF format below.

The roughing pump on this iCart Mobile system configuration is the Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD, 2021 SD, dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump which is designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of various industrial and scientific applications. Thanks to a very simple and highly reliable design, the Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD, 2021 SD, dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump provides great performance with high pumping stability. Used for light gases, they produce low noise with minimal oil backstreaming, and have a long operating life. These Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD, 2021 SD vacuum pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 14.6 CFM. Additional oil, parts and other accessories for this pump are available on this website. The complete Adixen 2021SD operating instruction manuals can be downloaded in PDF format below.

    IVP iCart Mobile High Vacuum System Specifications:
  • Pfeiffer HiPace 300, Conflat CF 6.0 Inch Inlet
  • Ultimate Pressure: 3.7x10-10 Torr
  • Pumping Speed: 260 l/s
  • Adjustable Turbo Height Between: 24.4 to 38.4 Inches
  • Adjustable Height for Electronic Controls & User Interface
  • Maximum Vacuum Chamber Weight Turbo Can Directly Support: 80 lbs on Center.
  • Total System Weight: 122 lbs
  • Total System Maximum Dimensions: Width x Length x Height (22 x 27 38.4) inches
  • Input Power Requirements: 110-120 or 208-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Roughing Pump Component Specifications:
  • Roughing Pump: Pfeiffer Adixen 2021SD Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Pumping Speed: 14.6 CFM
  • Ultimate Pressure: 1 mTorr

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