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New Oerlikon Leybold IONIVAC ITR 90 Full Range Combination Pirani & Hot Cathode Ion Gauge 12091
In Stock: 1

Pirani & Hot Cathode Ionization Sensor. These Oerlikon Leybold IONIVAC ITR 90 gauges are a combination of Pirani and Bayard-Alpert (hot cathode ionization) sensors. They come with KF-25 vacuum flange fittings and have a single filament. They measure vacuum pressure from 750 to 3.8x10-10 Torr (1000 to 510-10 mbar). The Oerlikon Leybold IONIVAC ITR 90 is designed for vacuum measurement of non-flammable gases and has an output pressure signal that is logarithmic. These Oerlikon Leybold IONIVAC ITR-90 gauges can be operated in connection with the TURBOLAB 80 or with another evaluation unit. These items have Oerlikon Leybold part number 12 091. The manual and brochure is available for download below.

Condition: New

Product Number: P105195

Price: $2,171.40

Oerlikon Leybold Replacement Cell KF-25 for IONIVAC ITR 90 Full Range Combination Cathode Ion Gauge
In Stock: 1

This is a replacement cell for the Leybold Oerlikon IONIVAC ITR 90 Full Range Combination Pirani & Hot Cathode Ion Gauge with KF25, NW25 flange.

Condition: New

Product Number: P107668

Price: $699.60

Oerlikon Leybold Replacement Sensor KF-25 IE100 for ITR 100 Sensor Full Range Combination Cathode Ion Gauge E16361
Out of Stock

This is a replacement Sensor for the Leybold Oerlikon ITR 100 Full Range Combination Pirani & Hot Cathode Ion Gauge with KF25, NW25 flange.

Condition: New

Product Number: P1011524

Price: $872.30

Oerlikon Leybold Type C Cable Connects ITR 90 BA/Pirani Sensor to Turbolab 80 & Graphix 123 Controllers - 5 meter
In Stock: 2

Oerlikon Leybold cable connects the ITR 90 BA/Pirani Sensor Gauge to TurboLab 80 vacuum pump systems and to the Oerlikon Leybold Graphix Pressure 123 Controllers. They are 16.5 foot long (5 meter) (this is the cable ONLY, ITR 90 BA/Pirani Sensor Gauge and TurboLab 80 vacuum pump system and Graphix Controllers sold separately.)

Condition: New

Product Number: P105426

Price: $179.30

Leybold IONIVAC ITR 90 Gauge Kit For TURBOLAB 80 Pumping System with ISO63 Inlet to KF25
In Stock: 1

These ITR 90 gauge kits (with IONIVAC ITR 90 Pirani with a Bayard-Alpert -Hot Cathode Ionization- Sensor Gauge) are designed to work with Leybold TURBOLAB 80 System. The functions of the Leybold IONIVAC ITR 90 gauge with a Bayard Alpert hot cathode ionization measurement system (for p mbar) and a Pirani measurement system (for p 5.510 mbar) pressure range 750 Torr to 3.8x10 Torr. In the overlapping pressure range of 2.010- 5.510- mbar a mixed signal of the two measurement systems is output. The hot cathode is switched on by the Pirani measurement system only below the switching threshold of 2.410 mbar (to prevent filament burn-out). It is switched off when the pressure exceeds 3.210

Condition: New

Product Number: P105242

Price: $1,995.95

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