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Available Now: 1   HVA Conflat CF 4.5 inch, Pneumatic Gate Valve, NO Solenoid, 2.5 inch ID, Viton & Copper Seals, SS 1964
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HVA Conflat CF 4.5 inch, Pneumatic Gate Valve, NO Solenoid, 2.5 inch ID, Viton & Copper Seals, SS

HVA Conflat CF 4.5 inch, Pneumatic Gate Valve, NO Solenoid, 2.5 inch ID, 4.5 inch OD, 5/16-24 Bolt Size
Viton Gate and Copper Bonnet Seals, NO Solenoid, Reed Position Indicator, Stainless Steel Body

HVA Part No. 11220-0250R

In the simplest of terms, HVA pnematic vacuum gate valves are devices that regulate the flow of gases, fluids or materials through a structure or aperture by opening, closing or obstructing a port or passageway. Gate valve assemblies consist of three key components: an actuator, a carriage/gate and a valve body. The actuator provides the power to position or transport the valve’s carriage/gate. The actuator is attached to the valve’s body via a rectangular bonnet flange. The gate closes or opens one of the valve’s body ports. The valve body is a vacuum tight chamber that is screwed, flanged or welded into a larger vacuum vessel or system.

The 11000 Series Pneumatic Gate Valves feature a positive lock-over center mechanism. Linear actuation allows the use of a welded bellows to seal the actuator (i.e. no rotary seals). Shock and vibration are reduced to a minimum by a unique air cylinder design. This feature is extremely beneficial for semiconductor fabrication and other sensitive processing requiring operation which is relatively free of vibration.

The HVA stainless steel body offers one of the smallest interior surface areas in the vacuum valve industry. The body and all major internal components are vacuum furnace brazed at 1100°C, at 1x10-6 Torr, ensuring maximum joint integrity. This eliminates the possibility of virtual leaks or entrapment areas and minimizes body distortion found in conventionally welded valves. For maintenance purposes, the carriage assembly can be removed from the body without removing the valve from the system. This is a 1100 Series Standard Cycle Pneumatic Gate Valve UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) with a 4.5 inch CF O.D. and 2.5 inch opening, with NO solenoid.

Position indicator wires are connected via the pneumatic actuator. They are simple contact switches that allow valve position to be confirmed through high or low conductance. These are low power contacts, for example, typical application would be 20 mA max at 120 VAC. Solenoids do not come with this gate valve and can be ordered separately via this website. Solenoids are manufactured for a single operating voltage and are available in either AC or DC. Care should be taken when ordering to select the correct solenoid voltage for your application. Detailed installation instructions for solenoids are contained in the solenoid section.

Specifications: These 11000 series pneumatic standard cycle gate valves are designed for dependable High and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) applications, service lifes of 100,000 cycles are typical. Our conflat metal-sealed gate valve versions are rated for UHV applications down to 1x10-10 Torr and bakeable up to temperatures of 200°C. They are are often used in combination with cryo, turbo, and ion high vacuum pumps. These HVA gate valves are built with a proprietary vacuum brazing process to minimize outgassing during operation. These pneumatic gate valves are available in sizes that include the conflat flanged (CF) in 1.33 , 2.75, 3.375, 4.5, 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes; ISO LF flanged ISO-63, -100, -160, -200 sizes; and quick flanged sizes KF-16, KF-40, and KF-50. For more specifications see our detailed graphic below. The installation and operating instructions manual can be downloaded in PDF format below.

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PDF Logo HVA Standard Gate Valve, Manual Actuator, Installation & Maintenance Manual.pdf

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