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Out of Stock   Granville Phillips 370 Stabil-Ion Dual Ion, Dual Convectron Gauge Cont. REFURBISHED 370501-010-T1-RB 2495
Anticipated Arrival:  5 on 2021-08-11

Sale: $2,495.00



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Granville Phillips 370 Stabil-Ion Dual Ion, Dual Convectron Gauge Cont. REFURBISHED 370501-010-T1-RB

Granville Phillips 370 Stabil-Ion Vacuum Gauge and Controller Dual Ion, Dual Convectron, Power Supply. REFURBISHED. 120 VAC.
Granville Phillips Part Number: 370501-010-T1-RB

Refurbished Granville Phillips 370 Stabil-Ion Gauge Controller, Left mount, side-by-side with power supply for 19-inch rack, With Dual Convectron, Dual Ion Gauge, 1-Phase 115 VAC. The Granville-Phillips Stabil-Ion Vacuum Gauge and Controller combine the latest technology in ionization gauges and control electronics, giving you the most reliable and accurate vacuum pressure measurements for your systems and research. Bright LEDs display the pressures read by the Stabil-Ion and Convectron Gauges. The flexible, modular design offers a range of computer interfaces, setpoint control relays, dual Convectron Gauge operation, and digital display in Torr, Millibar, or Pascal to meet your specific requirements.

If the Stabil-Ion Gauge and memory module are replaced, processing results are much more likely to remain the same. If you need vacuum measurements that are accurate and repeatable over time, the Stabil-Ion Gauge and Controller is your answer. Every Stabil-Ion Gauge is individually calibrated at 15 pressure values and supplied with a memory module matched to its own calibration data. This provides gauge-to-gauge reproducibility which is essential for process replication. Please call to check availability and get pricing options for these refurbished Granville Phillips 307 ion gauge controllers. Cables and ion gauge tubes are available but sold separately. The basic part number is: 37501-000-00

    • All-metal, rack-mount controller for Stabil-Ion and Convectron® vacuum gauges is noise-immune and CE compliant
    • The latest ionization gauge technology provides accurate vacuum pressure measurement from the 10-11 Torr range (10-11 mbar, 10-9 Pa)
    • Convectron Gauge option extends pressure measurement to atmosphere
    • Flexible design allows for optional setpoint relays and digital interfaces
    • Three-digit display of pressure measurements
    • Stabil-Ion Gauge with memory module of calibration data
    • Ultra-clean gauge construction allows rapid response during pumpdown
    • Dual filaments increase equipment uptime

Other features include analog output, selectable emission current, degas timer, and selectable N2/ Ar gas for Convectron.

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PDF Logo Granville Phillips 370 Vacuum Gauge Controller Specifications Sheet

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