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Granville Phillips Series 316 Single Convectron Gauges Cable, 50 ft. PN: 316009
Out of Stock
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Arrival: 1 on 2021-09-05

These Granville Phillips 316 convectron gauge cables are designed to work with the convectron gauge controller. These cables are 50 foot long and have Granville-Phillips part number 316009. The Granville-Phillips 316 conventron vacuum gauge controller instruction manual and gauge configuration guide can be downloaded below in PDF format below.

Condition: New

Product Number: P106100

Price: $235.00

Granville Phillips Convectron & Capacitance Diaphragm Manometer Cable, for GP 316 Controller, 10 ft
Out of Stock

These Granville Phillips Convectron & capacitance diaphragm gauge cables work with the Granville Phillips 316 vacuum gauge controller. These are a dual gauge cable, connecting the GP 316 controller to one 275 Convectron gauge (also compatible with MKS Baratron, 220B, 626B, 622B etc.). Since electrical connectors to capacitance manometers are not standardized, Granville-Phillips provides cables terminated with tinned wire leads. Figure 9-3 on page 103 shows the color-coded functions of the wires on the .pdf below. Please consult the manual for your capacitance manometer transducer for information on electrical connection, and installation of the transducer in your vacuum system. The Granville Phillips 316 controller needs to have the correct Convectron & Capacitance Diaphragm Manometer Baratron module card installed (316 controller, transducers/sensors, cards/modules also sold on this web site).

Condition: New

Product Number: P105497

Price: $155.00

Brand New Granville Phillips Series 316 Convectron Gauge Controller. 1-Phase 115 VAC. 316501-000-T1
Out of Stock

This Granville Phillips Series 316 Convectron gauge is the basic controller able to read and display one convectron gauge, operates on 1-phase 115 VAC, pressure reading displayed in Torr, upgradeable in the future by adding field installed cards to read up to 3 channels (A, B, & C), convectron, could read thermocouple, and/or capacitance diaphragm gauges. The Granville Phillips Series 316 Convectron Gauge Controller is a third generation Granville-Phillips Convectron Gauge controller that combines the rugged reliability of the Series 316 Convectron Controller with added features for ease of use and system integration. The Series 316 Convectron Controller is easy to use with a larger and brighter, highly visible Display.

Condition: New

Product Number: P105348

Price: $1,647.27

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