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Out of Stock   Edwards STP iXR1606 5-axis Magnetic Bearing Turbo-Molecular Pump ISO250F Inlet 30869.1


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Edwards STP iXR1606 5-axis Magnetic Bearing Turbo-Molecular Pump ISO250F Inlet

Edwards STP iXR1606 5-axis Magnetic Bearing Turbo-Molecular Pump, ISO250F Inlet, Integrated Controller and built in power supply. Edwards PN YT790Z040.

The STP iXR1606 Maglev turbo-molecular pump utilizes a magnetic bearing and motor drive system and has an ultimate pressure of 10-9 Torr. This integrated controller series can be fully interfaced with advanced controllers to operate on a wide range of applications and processes. It eliminates the need for a conventional, rack-mounted controller and interconnecting cables. The fully integrated product offers easy installation and small footprint as an all-in-one solution for all application tools. The rotor is entirely suspended by magnetic bearings so all contact between the rotor and the remainder of the pump is eliminated. As well as giving very low vibration, the elimination of contact means no bearing wear and no requirement for consequent pump maintenance. The STP iXR1606 can be connected directly to a terminal using a serial port and the STP-link Monitoring Software. The Software Displays, Rotational Speed, Motor Status, Temperature, Rotor balance status & Magnet bearing current.

The rotor is suspended by multi-axis magnetic bearings, so all contact between the rotor and the remainder of the pump is eliminated. As well as giving very low vibration, the elimination of contact means no bearing wear and no requirement for maintenance.

Magnetic levitation of the rotor results in an extremely low level of noise and vibration. Peakto- peak vibration level is less than 0.02 μm. This amplitude remains constant throughout the life of the pump and is free from troublesome subharmonics.

All STP turbomolecular pumps are oil free. The use of magnetic bearings eliminates all hydrocarbon lubricants ensuring no contamination of the vacuum process from the turbomolecular pump. This feature is vital in industry and in surface science or high energy physics applications (where even minute degrees of contamination disrupt measurements).

Unlike conventional mechanical bearings, magnetic levitation means there is no frictional contact, eliminating sources of wear and vibration. This feature enables STP turbomolecular pumps to run for years with virtually no maintenance, reducing annual operating costs to a minimum and ensuring maximum up-time is achieved. This maintenance free feature can be particularly beneficial on processes producing chemical or radioactive contamination.

ABS is a unique patented development of 5-axis technology. If any rotor imbalance is introduced (by deposition of process by-products, for example), sensors in the pump detect changes in the rotor motion and compensate the magnetic bearing fields to allow the rotor to spin on its natural inertial axis. This minimises the vibration transmitted to the inlet flange. ABS works at all pump rotational speeds.

STP pumps have dry lubricated axial and radial mechanical bearings as safety backup bearings. These support the rotor and protect the pump in the event of a total disruption of magnetic suspension or a massive air inrush which overcomes the magnetic bearing stiffness. These high precision ball bearings are dry lubricated and are not in contact with the rotor during normal operation..

The STP iXR1606 can be used for a variety of applications including but not limited to:
  • Plasma etch (chlorine, fluorine and bromine chemistries) for metal (aluminum), tungsten and dielectric (oxide) and polysilicon
  • Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) etch
  • Film deposition CVD, PECVD, ECRCVD, MOCVD
  • Sputtering
  • Ion implantation source, beam line pumping end station
  • MBE
  • Diffusion
  • Photo resist stripping
  • Crystal/epitaxial growth
  • Wafer inspection
  • Load lock chambers
  • Scientific instruments: surface analysis, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy
  • High energy physics: beam lines, accelerators
  • Radioactive applications: fusion systems, cyclotrons

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