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Out of Stock   Edwards EXT75DX Turbo Pump CF 4.5 in Inlet, TAG Turbo Controller, Power Supply, RV5 Roughing Pump 8653.8585
Anticipated Arrival:  1 on 2021-01-02

Regular Price: $10,181.01

On Sale: $8,653.86

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Edwards EXT75DX Turbo Pump CF 4.5 in Inlet, TAG Turbo Controller, Power Supply, RV5 Roughing Pump

Edwards EXT75DX Hybrid Turbo Vacuum Pump, 61 l/s Pumping Speed, CF 4.5 inch Inlet, KF16 outlet and Tag Active Gauge Controller
With Edwards 24VDC 200W external power supply and RV5 rotary vane roughing pump, Package Deal.

These Package Deals come with an Edwards EXT75DX EXT 75DX Hybrid Compound turbomolecular vacuum pump (61 l/s pumping speed) with Conflat CF 4.5 inch, CFF 63 inlet, KF16 outlet and a TAG Turbo Molecular Active Gauge Controller 24VDC with a 200W Edwards external 24 Volt DC power supply and RV5 rotary vane roughing pump. They are recommended to be used as replacement items in laboratory equipment or as a brand new high vacuum turbo system.

Applications Include:
  • UHV System Pump Down
  • ION PUMP Roughing
  • Lamp and Tube Processing
  • Cryopump Regeneration
  • High Vacuum Systems Operation
  • High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems Bake Out
This package deal includes the following components:
  • Edwards EXT75DX turbomolecular hybrid vacuum pump, Conflat CF 4.5 inch Inlet, with inlet screen, PN B72242000
  • Edwards TAG Turbo Active Gauge Controller PN D39592000, WITH external 200W 24 vdc power supply, PN D39592800
  • Edwards RV5 Rotary Vane Oil Sealed Roughing Pump, PN A65301906
  • Pump to controller extension cable (2m), PN D39700836
  • Air cooler fan kit, ACX75, PN B58053075
  • AC power cord, 2 meter, PN 173-78101-E
This turbo pump package deal does not include roughing pump, roughing lines, vacuum chamber, or pressure measurement gauge systems. These items are available through Ideal Vacuum Products, scroll down below to OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES/RELATED ITEMS.

Notes on the Edwards EXT 75DX Hybrid Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump
Edwards EXT 75DX 24V turbo molecular high vacuum pump with Conflat CF 4.5 inch CFF63 Inlet. Pump has a Pumping Speed of 61 liters per second (l/s) and ultimate pressure of 5x10-9 Torr. The Edwards EXT 75DX 24V turbo molecular pump with Conflat CF 4.5 inch CFF63 Inlet and KF-16 exhaust fore line flange. The Edwards EXT 75DX 24V turbo molecular pump can be used for all general-purpose high vacuum applications. The EXT 75DX pumps consist of the compound turbomolecular pump with a permanently attached Podule containing drive electronics. The Podule controls the electrical supply to the pump. It has no manual controls and can only be operated through the logic interface. To operate the EXT 75DX pump you must connect it to your own control equipment and power supply or alternatively use the Edwards TIC Turbo Instrument Controller, TIC Turbo Controller No Instrument or TAG Controller. The Podule drives the brush-less d.c. motor in the pump. The pump has three Hall effect devices that operate as rotor position sensors and ensure that the drive current is correctly commutated around the motor phase windings. The vacuum pump contains turbomolecular blades and a Holweck drag mechanism on a single shaft; the Holweck mechanism allows operation at higher backing pressures than pure turbomolecular pumps. The DX pumps have a vent-port for venting the pump and vacuum system to atmospheric pressure. The pump is supplied with a manual vent-valve fitted; this can be replaced with a TAV5 (PN P105358) or TAV6 (PN P106355) solenoid-operated vent-valve available on this website.

The DX pumps have a purge-port: an inert purge gas can be introduced to protect the bearing and motor from corrosion, or the bearing lubricant from oxidation. An optional vent-port adapter and purge restrictor can be fitted to the purge-port to control the flow rate of the purge gas and to filter the gas supply. The Podule contains the drive electronics that control the pump operation and accessories such as a TAV vent valve or air cooler. There is a connector socket on the top of the Podule where the TAV vent valve or air cooler can be plugged-in. The Podule has two indicator LEDs that signal the status and operation of the pump, that can also be used for faultfinding if a problem should occur. The drive electronics system has a number of built-in safety features to protect the DX pumps from damage in the event of sustained high pressure or temperature. See manual below for specifics. An Air cooling fan kit is also supplied. The complete specifications and application brochure in PDF format can be downloaded below.

Notes on the TAG Turbo and Active Gauge Controller
The Edwards Turbo and Active Gauge (TAG) controller is a small low cost pumping system controller, suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications and compatible with all Edwards EXT and nEXT turbo pumps. The large LED display shows the pump speed or vacuum pressure and an easy to use push button interface enables ease of operation and control. TAG controllers will also run a backing pump, air vent valve an air cooler and an Edwards active gauge, making the TAG a versatile system controller. This compact 24 VDC TAG controller (with external power supply) is ideal for use on bench-tops or suitable for mobile platforms where space is limited yet functionality and reliability are essential. These Edwards TAG turbo pump controllers are designed to operate EXT 75DX, nEXT 240, 300 and 400 turbo pumps. The complete specifications and application brochure in PDF format can be downloaded below.

Notes on the Edwards RV5 Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Roughing Pump
The Edwards RV5 dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump offers an excellent ultimate pumping speed for this package deal. The Edwards RV3 has superior vapor handling capabilities, while operating quietly. They are very reliable and have accessories to match any application. The Edwards 5 RV-5 has a pumping speed displacement @ 60Hz 4.1 CFM and an ultimate pressure of 1.5 X 10 -3 Torr. The complete specifications and application brochure in PDF format can be downloaded below.

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Availability Of Kit Components

Kit: P106537 - Edwards EXT75DX Turbo Pump CF 4.5 in Inlet, TAG Turbo Controller, Power Supply, RV5 Roughing Pump
No Component Description Available On Website
NEW Edwards 5 RV5 Rotary Vane Dual Stage Mechanical Vacuum Pump A65301906
Edwards EXT75DX Turbo Molecular High Vacuum Pump CF63, CF 4.5 in, Inlet, 61 l/s. PN: B72242000
Edwards XDD DX EXDC EXT EXTDX extension cable for pumps and controllers, 2 meters. PN: D39700836
Edwards ACX75 Air Cooling System for EXT75DX Turbo Molecular High Vacuum Pumps. PN: B58053075
Edwards TAG Turbo and Active Gauge Controller, 24 VDC, NO Power Source, For All DX and nEXT Turbos D39592000
Edwards External Power Supply 24VDC 200W, for Edwards Turbo TAG Controller D39592800
PDF Logo Edwards EXT Turbomolecular Pump Specifications and Applications Brochure.pdf

PDF Logo Edwards RV3 and RV5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Instruction Manual

PDF Logo Edwards TAG Active Gauge Controller Instruction Manual.pdf

PDF Logo Edwards_EXT75DX_Compound _Turbomolecular_Pump_Instruction_Manual.pdf

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