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Out of Stock   DISCONTINUED Varian Turbo-V 81-T Full-Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump with Conflat 2.75 Inch Inlet. PN: 9698908 4397.55


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DISCONTINUED Varian Turbo-V 81-T Full-Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump with Conflat 2.75 Inch Inlet. PN: 9698908

Varian Turbo-V 81-T Full-Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump with Conflat 2.75 CF Inlet.
Agilent Varian Part Number 9698908

This is a link to the replacement model turbo pumps Agilent Varian TwissTorr 84-FS.

The new Turbo V 81-T V81T maximize performance at minimum cost and compact size (pumps with Conflat 2.75 inch inlet flange have a pumping speed of 50 l/s of nitrogen). The V81T are full turbo pumps, this is very important when ordering, the V81T pumps must be backed with roughing pressures below 60 mTorr. These V81T full turbo molecular pumps will not operate at pressures higher than 100 mTorr and if higher roughing pressures are desired we recommend the V81M compound turbo pumps, which operate as high as 10 Torr maximum roughing line pressure. For V81T roughing we recommend the SH-110 and the DS-42 or DS-102 series dual-stage rotary vane pump which provide 60 mTorr or lower ultimate pressure. The V81T turbo pumps are designed with a monolithic rotor and maintenance free ceramic ball bearings. With no oir, no refill, and no contamination. Now with T-Plus Software you can connect your laptop directly to the pump control unit and start to use it. You can start or stop the pump, as well as check its temperature, gas load conditions, parameters and diagnostics. This unit is a (pump only with no controller) comes with KF40 inlet flange. All optional accessories and different configurations are available from us at Ideal Vacuum Products. Call us for all you turbo pump needs at (505) 872-0037.

For Complete Order Options, Features, Technical Notes, Applications and Accessories See Brochure below (AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS)

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PDF Logo Varian Turbo V 81-M Brochure Order Options, Features, Tech Notes, Applications and Accessories.pdf

PDF Logo Agilent Varian Turbo-V 81-T Instruction Manual.pdf

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