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Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) Model 1000, for 1 Pump System
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Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) Model 1000, for 1 Pump System-> PCS Model 1000 Specifications <- -> PCS Model Selector <-PCS (Pump Control System) OverviewThe Ideal Vacuum Pump Control System (PCS) is a Family of twelve (12) custom switchboxes designed to consolidate vital vacuum system controls (pumps, valves, and pressure gauges) at a single location. PCS Models are available for a for a wide variety of vacuum systems, from simple to more complex.The PCS Family consists of three Series: 1,2 and 3, which correspond to the number of pumps that the system can handle. Within each Series we offer multiple Models with increasingly more capabilities. Standard Models are rated for up to 5.5kW (7.5hp) PER PUMPHeavy Duty (HD) Models are rated for up to 11kW (15hp) PER PUMP Our more advanced PCS Models incorporate a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and one (1) or two (2) Granville-Philips Convectron® Pressure gauges for use in vacuum systems where increased system feedback, management and automation is desired. Models incorporating a PLC are “Remote Ready”. Control of a PLC equipped PCS can be via our optional Touchscreen Satellite Unit (TSU-1) or by standard RS-232 serial communication to a User’s computer.All PCS Models are built-to-order (BTO). We offer Custom Software Engineering on PLC equipped Models to implement your specific system automation requirements.Please contact our in-house Systems Engineering Team at (505) 872-0037 to help you design your complete Ideal Vacuum System.All Ideal Vacuum Pump Control Systems (PCS) Include these Features:On/Off Control of One, Two, or Three pumps Customer Selectable Input Power Requirement: 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single/3 Phase 380-480VAC,50/60Hz, 3 Phase (All Pump Motors in the System must have the same Input Voltage and Phases) Main Power Disconnect with Integrated ON/OFF/Emergency Stop Switch w/Lockout SYSTEM POWER On/Off Indicator Lamp Console Controls are Low Voltage (24VDC) for Operator Safety Illuminated Switches Show Pump and Valve States Series 2 and Series 3 Systems have Safety Interlocks which prevent pumps from being turned on in the wrong order FAULT Indicator Lamp: User defined, for over temperature, water flow interruption, etc. PCS Model 1000 Specifications:On/Off Control of 1 Roughing Pump System Valves are Manually Operated Standard Duty Rated - up to 5.5kW (7.5hp) per Pump Top of Page

Condition: New

Product Number: P1010043

Price: $9,431.20

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