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Available Now: 15   Conflat Flange (CF) Viton Rubber Elastomer Gasket, Flange Size 4.50 inch, OD 3.243 inch, 1 each 24.95
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Conflat Flange (CF) Viton Rubber Elastomer Gasket, Flange Size 4.50 inch, OD 3.243 inch, 1 each

Conflat Flange (CF) CF Viton Rubber Elastomer Gasket Seal, Flange Size 4.50 inch, OD 3.243 inch, - 1 each

These conflat Viton gaskets fit a conflat flange size of 4.50 inches. They have been pre-baked and degassed to limit the outgassing in your vacuum system. They can also be used for testing and multiple times for assembly and disassembly. The knife edge of the CF flange presses against the Viton gasket but does not cut into it, making it reuseable, unlike the CF copper or silver gaskets that can only be used once. North American flange sizes are given by flange outer diameter in inches: 1.33" ("mini conflat"), 2.125", 2.75", 3.375", 4.50", 4.625", 6.00", 6.75", 8.00", 10.00", 12.00", 13.125", 14.00", and 16.50". In Europe and Asia, sizes are given by tube inner diameter in millimeters: DN16, DN40, DN63, DN100, DN160, DN200, DN250.

Conflat Flange (CF) Viton Gaskets CF Size 4.50" - 1 each
CF Flange Size: CF 4.50 inch, 4 1/2 inch
Common Dimensions: Conflat Flange Outer Diameter (OD) 4.50", Gasket Outer Diameter (OD) 3.243"

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Ideal Vacuum offers 3D CAD models in Solidworks (SLDPRT), STP, & STEP formats. For those without CAD software a free trial 3D model viewer with measurement capabilities can be downloaded here:

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