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Available Now: 1   CTI Cryo-Torr ON-BOARD 8F High Vacuum Cryopump Conflat CF 10 in, 1500 l/s Air, 4000 l/s Water Vapor, 3 phase Voltage, Rebuilt 8500

Sale: $8,500.00

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CTI Cryo-Torr ON-BOARD 8F High Vacuum Cryopump Conflat CF 10 in, 1500 l/s Air, 4000 l/s Water Vapor, 3 phase Voltage, Rebuilt

CTI Brooks/Edwards Cryo-Torr ON-BOARD 8F Ultra-High Vacuum Semiconductor Cryopump, LF ISO 250, Three 3 Phase, Auto FastRegen, 4000 l/s Water, 1500 l/s Air, 1200 l/s Argon, Rebuilt, PN: 8116071G001

The CTI-Cryogenics (now Edwards) On-Board Cryo-Torr OB8F, three (3) phase, cryopump is specially designed and constructed for the enhanced performance and tight space requirements for use in the semiconductor industry.

This freshly rebuilt/refurbished, three phase CTI OB8F cryopump must be controlled by a microprocessor-based remote keypad/display control system (P109196), which lets a user monitor and automatically control regeneration of the 15k array. The remote control keyboard/display system mounts in a standard 19 inch electronics rack and has a 10 ft. cable that allows the unit to be located in a convenient location away from the Cryopump.

This cryopump has a Conflat CF 10 in. inlet flange and a standard KF-25 roughing pump flange. It is capable of 10-8 Torr ultra-high vacuum (UHV) with rated pumping speeds of:
  • Water ………. 4000 l/sec
  • Air ………..…. 1500 l/sec
  • Hydrogen ..…. 2200 l/sec
  • Argon ………. 1200 l/sec
This pump has the optional FastRegentm feature. Typical fast regeneration time is less than 60 minutes.

This Brooks/Edwards CTI Cryo-Torr OB8F three (3) phase pump runs on ONLY on three (3) phase power. Electrical power is supplied by a special CTI three phase motor controller (P1010396). The motor controller is powered from a CTI three (3) phase helium compressor, such as the the CTI Brooks 8200 or 9600.

Interconnecting 10 pin power cables are required between the compressor and motor controller and between the motor controller and the OB250F three phase cryopump. There are two cable length options. The 3 ft. cable is P109744, the 10 ft. cable option is P109185. Two interconnecting power cables are required.

Monitoring and controlling functions of the On-Board Cryo-Torr 8F include:

  • On/Off status and operation of the On-Board Cryopump
  • On/Off of first and second stage heaters and temperature monitoring
  • Cryo and auxiliary thermocouple gauge (TC) vacuum pressures
  • 2 programmable setpoint relays for controlling roughing and purge valves
  • Repurge and extended purge options
  • *Remote operations through an RS-232 Serial interface

The fully programmable, automatic regeneration function keeps maintenance and operator downtime to a minimum. The regeneration cycle can be programmed and performed at a time of the operator’s choosing (e.g., between shifts or overnight). Once initiated, the On-Board controller system will automatically sequence the three phase OB8F cryopump through all phases of the full regeneration cycle. Extended purges, the number of repurge cycles and even automatic regeneration after a power failure, are available programmable functions.

The On-Board Cryo-Torr 8F cryopump can be controlled remotely using either the BITBUS™ or RS232 serial protocol. When used in multiple On-Board cryopump process tools, the BITBUS™ protocol is most often used since it can coordinate group regeneration cycles and provides a standardized communication link to the process tool host controller.

The CTI three phase Cryo-Torr 8F On-Board cryopump exposes no moving parts, operating fluids, or backing pumps to the vacuum, which eliminates the possibility of system back streaming or process contamination from the cryopump itself.

The On-Board Cryo-Torr 8F is a cost effective solution in both the short and long term. The On-Board CTI three phase 8F includes the gas purge valve, TC gauge,, temperature sensors (stages 1 and 2), and temperature sensor reader. This makes the initial purchase cost of the On-Board initial system purchase less than that of a non-On-Board cryopump system, where all the required outboard gear adds to the overall system cost. Additionally, fully automated regeneration frees the user from the drudgery, time consuming and error-prone task of manual regeneration.

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