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Out of Stock   Alcatel Drytel 31 Turbo Drag Dry High Vacuum Pump System 6250
Anticipated Arrival:  1 on 2021-11-18

Sale: $6,250.00



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Alcatel Drytel 31 Turbo Drag Dry High Vacuum Pump System

Alcatel Drytel 31 Turbo Drag Dry High Vacuum Pump System

The Alcatel Drytel 31 is a completely oil-free turbo drag high vacuum pumping system. The Drytel 31 is a compact stand-alone system that can operate from atmosphere to 1x10-6 Torr. They are designed for use with vacuum chambers up to 50 liters in size and have a maximum pumping speed of 16 cfm in the high vacuum range. These Alcatel Drytel units are simple to use and have a single on/off rocker switch for start-up and shut down. The turbo drag pump is very robust and student friendly, they can be opened to atmosphere at full speed without damage to the pump (this is not possible with a turbo molecular high vacuum pump).

The Alcatel Drytel 31 multi-stage high vacuum pumping system is composed of a 7.5 l/s turbo drag pump (which rotates at 27,000 rpm full speed) backed a 1 m^3/hr diaphragm pump. The diaphragm pump carries the main burden of pumping from atmosphere down to 10 Torr. The Alcatel MDP-5011 turbo drag pump is the primary high vacuum having a large ISO-63 inlet, a high compression ration of nearly 1x10-9 and produces excellent high vacuum flow rates. The Alcatel Drytel 31 comes standard with an internal exhaust to atmosphere. Additional high vacuum fittings, adapters, pressure gauges, and exhaust line are available for purchase upon request.

These Alcatel Drytel 31 oil-free turbo drag high vacuum pumping systems are designed for bench top use or system integration. They are ideal for dry high vacuum pumping applications & instruments, such as; semiconductor pumping, analytical instruments, pharmaceutical research, chemical research, development laboratories, loadlock pumping, out-gassing, high altitude simulation, space simulation, mass spectrometry, surface analysis, ion pump evacuation, cryopump regeneration, vacuum gauge calibration, helium leak testing, gas line evacuation, and many other process application.

These Alcatel Drytel 31 systems are totally rebuilt and in excellent condition. They operate on single phase 115 VAC and come with our standard 90 day parts and labor warranty. We also have vacuum fittings, vacuum hoses, pressure measurement gauges, and accessories to fit this system in stock ready for shipping. For a list of specifications please see below.

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