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Out of Stock   Agilent Varian TPS-mobile Vacuum System w/ 84FS or 74FS turbo, ISO63 inlet, IDP3 Roughing Pump & Cont. 14475

Sale: $14,475.00

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Agilent Varian TPS-mobile Vacuum System w/ 84FS or 74FS turbo, ISO63 inlet, IDP3 Roughing Pump & Cont.

Agilent Varian TPS-mobile system with TwisTorr 84 FS or 74 FS Turbo, ISO63 inlet, IDP3 Dry Scroll Pump, Rack Controller & Mobile Cart.
Agilent Varian Part No G8701A-010-021-035-041-110-551

These Agilent Varian TPS-mobile systems come with an Agilent 84 FS or 74 FS Turbo Pump (49 l/s pumping speed) with ISO63 inlet, Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Roughing Pump and an Agilent 84 FS AG Rack Controller. They are plug and pump high and ultra high vacuum systems. Portable, fully integrated vacuum solutions, available as high capacity, with wide pumping speeds ranging down from atmosphere to UHV 1x10-9 Torr. Now with the innovative improved reliability TwisTorr FS Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps (84FS, 74FS or 304FS). We also offer the larger capacity V551 Agilent Turbo Navigator Turbo Pump.

Applications Include:
  • UHV System Pump Down
  • ION PUMP Roughing
  • Lamp and Tube Processing
  • Cryopump Regeneration
  • High Vacuum Systems Operation
  • High and Ultra High Vacuum Systems Bake Out
This Agilent Varian TPS-mobile Includes the Following Components:
  • Agilent Varian 84 FS TwisTorr Turbomolecular Pump, ISO63 Inlet, 49 l/s nitrogen, part number X3502-64000
  • Agilent Varian 84 AG FS Rack Controller, PN X3508-64001
  • Agilent Varian Air Cooling Fan Kit for Rack Controller, PN 9699290
  • Agilent Varian IDP3 Dry Scroll Roughing Pump, PN IDP3C01
  • ISO63 inlet with screen, part number X3502-68001
  • Mobile cart with wheels and adjustable pump heights
  • AC power cord, 3 meter, part number 9699958
This Agilent Varian TPS-mobile is a complete self contained vacuum system, just plug in and pump down. All that is required is the hardware and pressure gauges necessary to connect to your chamber or vacuum process.

Notes on the Agilent Varian 84 FS Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump
Agilent Varian TwisTorr 84 FS Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump, ISO63, Inlet with Agilent Floating Suspension. These Agilent Varian TwisTorr 84 FS turbomolecular high-vacuum pumps have new and amazing improvements over the previous V-81M, V-81T turbo pumps. These improvements include the Twistorr drag stage technology and Agilent Floating Suspension. TwisTorr drag stages create high compression ratios for light gases such as Hydrogen and Helium to deliver high throughput and high tolerance of foreline pressure, thereby permitting the use of smaller and more economical backing pumps. This technology results in a compact rotor design that is energy-efficient and maintains a low operating temperature. The Agilent Floating Suspension system reduces noise and vibration, and ensures optimal bearing operating conditions to extend operating life, minimize system downtime, and assure stable pumping performance over time. The unique bearing and dry lubrication in the Agilent TwisTorr 84 FS eliminate oil and maintenance, and permit operation of the pump in any orientation.

Agilent Varian TwisTorr turbo pumps are designed for optimum performance in real world applications and integrate well into the Agilent TPS-mobile vacuum system. These new Agilent TwisTorr 84 FS turbo pumps require minimal to no maintenance and provide protection from misuse. The Agilent Varian TwistTorr 84 FS turbo pump with ISO63 Inlet flange, has a pumping speed of 49 l/s of nitrogen, KF-16 foreline flange and ambient operating temperature from 5 C to +35 C. These 84 FS pumps have a start up time of <2 minutes, rotational speed 81000 rpm. The cooling requirements are a minimum of forced air when conditions are 5- 35 C ambient air temperature or water cooling with minimum flow: 65 l/h (0.30 GPM) with water temperature between +15 C to +25 C at a water pressure of 45 to 75 psi. A PDF user instruction manual for the TwisTorr 84 FS turbo pump is available below for download.

Notes on the Agilent Varian 84FS AG Rack Controller
The TwisTorr 84FS AG Rack Controller is a microprocessor controlled frequency converter with new enhanced features that allow greater control and communication capabilities. It is a compact 1/4 rack unit designed for full worldwide compatibility 100-240 VAC. This controller has RS 232/485 connections, powers a cooling fan, drives vent valve controls, provides and acquires the pressure of the Agilent Varian wide range gauges and controls the pump operation parameters for the TwisTorr 84FS series turbo pumps. It also contains self diagnostic and protection features. This controller automatically recognizes the Agilent active gauges measuring down to 10-3 to 10-9 Torr. A PDF user instruction manual for the TwisTorr 84 FS AG Controller is available below for download.

Notes on the Agilent Varian IDP3 Dry Scroll Roughing Pump
The Agilent Varian IDP-3 dry scroll vacuum pump is a compact, high performance dry pump that provides affordable oil-free vacuum. It easily integrates with the TPS-mobile system, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The Agilent Varian IDP-3 employs an innovative hermetic design in which the motor and bearings are outside the vacuum space, allowing full isolation of all pumped gases. Delivering a robust pumping speed of 60 l/m (2.1 CFM) and a very low base pressure of less than 2.5x10-1 Torr. The Agilent Varian IDP-3 provides all the advantages of Agilent Varians patented scroll pump technology in a compact, lightweight, cost-effective package. A tip seal replacement rebuild kit for the IDP-3 is available on this website PN P102813. A PDF user instruction manual for the IDP-3 is available below for download.

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PDF Logo Agilent Varian 84FS AG Rack Controller User's Manaul.pdf

PDF Logo Agilent Varian 84FS Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump User's Manual.pdf

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