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Agilent Varian Scroll Pump Inverter Speed Control Kit, NW40. Part Number X3814-68702

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Agilent Varian Scroll Pump Inverter Speed Control Kit, NW40. Part Number X3814-68702 1795.794



NEW Agilent Varian Scroll Pump Inverter Speed Control Kit, NW40.
Agilent Varian Part Number X3814-68702 Replaces the old CT-100 PN: PTSCNTRLKIT2

These Varian CT-100 Active Rough Vacuum Transducers provides pressure measurements over a range of 1x10-4 Torr to atmosphere. The 0.2 second response time of the CT-100 and its excellent accuracy and precision allows its use in place of Pirani gauges. The CT-100 provides a stable analog voltage output as an indication of the test pressure and the unit can be calibrated in a selection of vacuum ranges. Two potentiometer-variable set points provide electrical alarms at selected pressures within the calibrated range of the device. Alarm indications are via the open collector grounding of two output transistors and the illumination of two LEDs. An internal power supply provides stable operating voltage from a wide range of external DC power sources. The gauge is contained in a plastic housing mounted by a 1/8" NPT vacuum fitting. The output pressure signal is a convenient 1 VDC to 9 VDC at 100 ohms internal impedance that can be used with strip chart recorders or other analog voltage data acquisition systems. A complete specifications, application and instruction manual can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Need the ultimate in quiet operating vacuum pump equipment? Check out our Varian frequency controlled Inverter-Driven TriScroll 300 and 600 Dry Scroll vacuum pumps and our Varian HS452 and HS652 oil sealed rotary vane pumps. When the application reaches vacuum the pumps slow down and operates extremely quiet. This save electrical power (observed as low as 180 Watts where a normal fixed frequency pump uses 800 Watts) and allows the laboratory to be library quite for study and research. Added benefits are, frequency controlled pumps run cooler and contribute less heat into the laboratory and require less service because slower rotational speeds do not produce as much mechanical wear on the pump parts. We offer TriScroll 300 and 600 Inverter dry scroll and Varian HS452 and HS652 oil sealed rotary vane pumps which are sold on this website.
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