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Ideal Vacuum Cube Alcatel Turbo Pump Ideal Xactgauge Pressure Gauge Helium Leak Detectors on Sale

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Chemical Engineer - Entry Level

    Ideal Vacuum is a New Mexico based distributor of scientific and industrial vacuum equipment with pumping technologies, such as, rotary vane, dry scroll, dry semiconductor, Root’s blowers, turbomolecular, diffusion, rotary piston, and multi-roots dry pumps along with vacuum pressure measurement, vacuum fittings, hardware, supplies, and vacuum pump product accessories since 2001. We are looking for a vacuum products inside technical and applications support engineer to assist our growing vacuum products business. We need a qualified and committed individual with a vast knowledge of vacuum products technical experience that can help our customers; answer technical questions and guiding them to make the correct purchase for their application.

    This position will focus on application and engineering support problems to assist our sales department management in answering customer’s questions quickly. Our goals are to have our sales team transfer technical and application support questions over to our technical engineers. Once the support questions have been answered the communication is transferred back to our sales and service departments. Our goals are to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently, providing professional guidance. This level of support and commitment will help build a long lasting relationship with our customers.

    This position will also focus on supporting our web site advertising team to prepare technically rich media for the products that we sell. We are constantly adding to and updating our web site. We currently have over 6,000 product page listings and each require a level of technical writing to accurately describe these vacuum products and how they should be used. Our technical and application support engineers assist our graphics department by preparing technical manuscripts for these product web page listings. This positions will require excellent English writing skills, the ability to read and comprehend technical vacuum products manuals, datasheets, and catalogs. To prepare a selected technical product manuscript we often have to read and study all published literature about those selected types of products and then condense that information into a concise and well-advertised product listing.

    We have an internal technical support database where we add each new technical support questions and corresponding answers. The goal is to build a trouble shooting and support center for our sales team to use. Each database record will have a distinct title that describes the questions along with searchable keywords. The correct answers to each question are often identified by following a series of yes or no questions, guided by a flow chart which terminates at the most probable solution. Related materials, such as, user’s manuals, datasheets, and manufacturer’s catalog pages in pdf format can be linked to each solutions. It will also be a focus of our technical support and application engineers to constantly add too, modify, and improve our internal technical support database.

    The candidate would have to assit in engineering & design of new vacuum product devices, developing new product testing procedures, and working on automated quality control systems, etc.

About Ideal Vacuum
    Ideal Vacuum continues to be the leader in scientific & industrial vacuum pump and accessories distribution in New Mexico and Colorado. We stock over 2 million dollars in new vacuum pumps, pressure measurement, and vacuum fittings at our Albuquerque, New Mexico warehouse location. We focus on shipping orders quickly, as soon as possible, in most cases our orders ship same day as the order is placed. We want to project and foster fast customer responses to all quotations, questions, along with order deliveries. Our products are supplied by top selling vacuum equipment manufacturers, such as, Alcatel Adixen, Agilent Varian, Edwards, Inficon, Iwata Anesta, KNF Neuberger, Oerlikon Leybold, Pfeiffer, Stokes, Vacuubrand, Welch, and others. These manufacturers, provide the equipment and support that is the absolute best available in the marketplace today. We match these quality products with engineering, design expertise, installation experience and quality service to keep our customers equipment running properly for years. Ideal Vacuum operates a full service center, we are committed and constantly strive to achieve a higher level of service excellence.
  • Must have a Formal Education of Masters Degree or Higher in Chemical Engineering
  • Must have a vast knowledge of scientific and industrial vacuum pumps and applications
  • Must be an organized, motivated, self-starter
  • Must be mechanically inclined, understand how machines work, and able to clearly explain those complex concepts in a simple manner
  • Requires excellent verbal, written, and computer skills
  • Respond to technical issues, coordinate and oversee resolution of problems
  • Work with inside sales and service department management
  • Able to constantly study and learn technical information about new products
  • Able to efficiently prepare written technical text about the vacuum products we sell
  • Able to build a engineering support database from collective information as it occurs in real-time
A Good Candidate Should
  • Gain an understanding of customers' process control and isolation equipment and provide a proposal for value-added repair/replacement parts and services.
  • Ability to communicate and understand technical information, both verbally and in written form through reports, sketches, spread-sheets, etc. Participate in conference calls or meetings to review goals, projects or schedules.
  • Review inquiries or reports that may require follow up action items related to repair parts such as Field Service Repair reports, Engineering discussions, or Technical Reference Manuals.
  • Communicate internally with engineers and project managers and externally with sub-vendors or fabrication shops to assure good success in all phases of a project, with attention to cost vs profitability, fabrication schedule vs delivery to customer, and any technical requirements that may be part of the customer’s scope or specification.
  • Willing to challenge themselves, set goals and learn independently as way to support growth of our business goals.
  • Demonstrate a professional and enthusiastic attitude in the work environment and maintain positive customer relations via phone and email throughout all phases of correspondence.
  • Act as part of team by being flexible with changing priorities, helping to solve problems and being open to learning through constructive criticism or by being assigned tasks that will require good focus and attention to detail.

Vacuum Equipment
    Vacuum Pumps:
      Roughing Pumps
    • Rotary Vane – Oil Sealed
    • Rotary Piston – Oil Sealed
    • Scroll Pumps – Dry
    • Diaphragm Pumps – Dry
    • Multistage Roots – Dry
    • Semiconductor – Dry

      Secondary Roughing Pumps
    • Root’s Blowers

      High Vacuum Pumps
    • Turbomolecular - Dry
    • Diffusion - Wet
    • Cryogenic - Dry

    Vacuum Fittings and Flanges:
    • KF & NW roughing line style fittings
    • ISO LF large flange style fittings
    • Conflat High Vacuum fittings
    • Swagelok Fittings
    • ASA/ANSI Flanges & Fittings
    • NPT & Parallel Pipe Threaded Fittings

    Vacuum Pressure Measurement Gauges:
    • Hot Cathode – High Vacuum Measurement
    • Cold Cathode – High Vacuum Measurement
    • Convectron – Roughing Measurement
    • Pirani – Roughing Measurement
    • Thermocouple – Roughing Measurement
    • Capacitance Manometers
    • Combinations and Active Gauges from the above

    Vacuum Valves:
    • Gate Valves
    • Bellows Valves
    • Diaphragm Valves
    • All Metal Bakeable Valves
    • Gross Leak Valves

    Helium Leak Detectors
    • Manually Operated
    • Fully Automated
    • Dry Pumping Technology
    • Wet Pumping Technology
Position & Duties:
  • Full-Time employment as inside vacuum equipment technical and application support engineer
  • Answer customer support questions by telephone and email
  • Trouble shootings technical failure issues by telephone and email
  • Support our inside sales team, answer questions
  • Provide technical support follow up to key accounts by telephone and emails
  • Technical writing to assist in web site product page development

Experience & Skills:
  • Education or career experience using high-tech instruments which included vacuum equipment as sub components.
  • Education or career experience with - Vacuum Instrumentation, Semi-Conductor Products, Vacuum Components, Valves, Pumps, Analytical Instruments, Vacuum systems or Thin Film solutions.
  • The successful entry level candidates will be able to demonstrate a mechanical aptitude, quickly learner of new instrumenation from manuals and brochures, and understand technical specifications for vacuum equipment.
  • Sales, business development, vacuum equipment, scientific and or engineering background.
  • Ability to analyze and identify product opportunities at existing and new accounts.
  • Candidate must have excellent written and oral skills, including a professional demeanor.
  • Results orientated and self-motivated.
  • Mechanically inclined with well-rounded machinery background.
  • A strong understanding of physics and vacuum is essential.
  • Educated to Masters Degree or higher in Chemical Engineering discipline and have at least 1 year of work experience in this field.
  • Salary details being open and negotiable
  • BCBS Health Care
  • Dental & Vision
  • Paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave
  • Relocation compensation is available
How To Apply:
    Does this sounds like a position for you? Please submit your resume today to hr4@idealvac.com. Visit our careers web site for other career opportunities. All resume submissions will be treated confidentially and with discretion. Please send your current resume CV and details of current salary package to the email: hr4@idealvac.com or fax them to: (505) 872-9001.
By Regular Mail To:
    Ideal Vacuum Products
    Human Resources
    5910 Midway Park Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    Phone: (505) 872-0037
    Fax: (505) 872-9001

    Thank you!

Sample Technical Questions:
    Below is a short sample list of vacuum questions that an entry-level canidate will have to learn by on-the-job-training (OJT), like those that we receive on a daily basis. A skilled vacuum pump technical & applications support engineer will have the knowledge needed to answer these types of questions.
Rotary Vane Pump Topics:
  • Explain the pumping mechanism for oil sealed rotary vane & Root's blower vacuum pumps.
  • Intake filters and exhaust filters; Explain processes, such as, oil back streaming & oil return systems?
  • Single vs dual stage rotary vane pumps, application difference, when should one be used over the other?
  • Types of oil, Hydrocarbon and PFPE fluids – When should they be used?
  • Single and three phase motors, basic understanding of the wiring pattern test methods, what are the wiring for low and hi voltage on NEMA 9 lead motors?
  • Gas Ballast - What is it and when should it be used? How does it help prevent condensation of pumped vapors?
  • Need to have a knowledge to trouble rotary vane pumps over the telephone with customers
  • Technical Support Question - Recent install of new Adixen 2021SD and only pulls 10 Torr on directly mounted pressure gauge, What are the possible issues?
Dry Scroll Pump Topics:
  • Explain the pumping mechanism for dry orbiting scroll
  • What pressure will scroll pumps get to? Need to be familiar with sizes, from IDP-3 to SC60D.
  • How the tip seals will wear and when they need to be replaced?
  • When should the bearings need to be replaced?
  • What are some common issues with scroll pump?
  • Need to have a knowledge to trouble shoot dry scroll pumps over the telephone with customers
  • Technical Support Question - Customer reports tip seal dust in his turbo exhaust port, what products should be recommended to prevent this?
Turbo Molecular Pumps:
  • Explain the pumping mechanism for a turbomolecular pumps.
  • There are two basic designs, full turbo pump and hybrid, explain each?
  • Need to know what are limitations of full turbo pump?
  • What is compression ratio? What is typical compression ratio for turbo pumps?
  • What are the ultimate pressure for turbos with intake flanges, KF-40, ISO-63, and CF 4.5?
  • What is molecular flow?
  • What is out gassing and how can we help reduce its effects on our vacuum system?
  • What roughing pump speed is needed for an 80 l/s and 300 l/s turbo pumps?
  • Can a turbo pump be mounted on its side or upside down? What are the limitations?
  • What is special about a full drag pump, like MDP-5011?
  • Explain how the vent valve works on a Pfeiffer controller?
  • What rotational speed do typical turbo pumps operate at?
  • What happens when a turbo pump crashes?
  • Technical Support Question - Customer reports turbo pump overtemp warning on controller, how can you determine if this is being caused by bearing failure?
Vacuum Gauges:
  • What pressure can a hot cathode gauge be safely turned on?
  • How does a cold cathode gauge work?
  • What is an indirect pressure measurement sensor, name the types?
  • What is special about a capacitance manometer sensor?
  • What is the typical pressure measurement range for a cold cathode/pirani combo gauge?
  • How does a thermocouple gauge work?
  • Technical Support Question - Customer reports that their new Graville Phillips 307 controller with dual convectron gauge card will not turn on the ion gauge filament. What are possible reasons why?
Technical Concepts Questions:
  • How many liters are in a cubic foot?
  • What pressure in Torr is 29 in of Hg? How many Torr are equal to 1 mmHg?
  • How can we trap vapors from liquids in a vacuum system?
  • Explian the term cross over pressure?
  • What are some safety devices that could be installed on a vacuum chamber?
  • What does it mean to bake out the chamber?
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