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Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo Pump with TC 110 Drive Unit DN40 KF-40 Inlet Flange 41 l/s Pumping Speed Air-or Water-Cooled, PN: PM P03 942 A

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Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo Pump with TC 110 Drive Unit DN40 KF-40 Inlet Flange 41 l/s Pumping Speed Air-or Water-Cooled, PN: PM P03 942 A 6525
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Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo Pump with TC 110 Drive Unit DN40 KF-40 Inlet Flange 41 l/s Pumping Speed Air-or Water-Cooled.
Pfeiffer Part Number: PM P03 942 A.

Pfeiffer HiPace 80 turbomolecular high-vacuum pumps with a DN40 KF-40 inlet flange have a pumping speed of 41 liters per second (l/s) and an ultimate pressure of 7.5 x 10-8 Torr. This Pfeiffer HiPace 80 pump comes with an integrated TC 110 drive unit side-mounted to the pump, and has an ISO KF-16 exhaust foreline flange. The pump can be mounted in any orientation. 24 VDC input power at a maximum of 110 Watts is required. This HiPace 80 turbo pump with KF40 inlet and TC 110 drive unit has Pfeiffer part number: PM P03 942 A.

The included TC 110 drive unit is a compact onboard controller which includes a single X3 (15-pin D-Sub) connector for supplying pump power, RS485 communications and accessory ports (to control either an air-cooling fan or solenoid vent valve). For Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and system integration applications, all that is needed to start the pump is a suitable 24 VDC power supply along with start/stop logic. For laboratory applications we recommend the 200 Watt Pfeiffer OmniControl 200 controller which can both supply power and control the pump. The OmniControl 200 is a bench top or rack mountable remote user interface/power source, which communicates with and provides full monitoring and control of Pfeiffer HiPace series turbo pumps through RS485. Alternatively, the more economical Pfeiffer DCU 110 controller may also be used to supply power and control the pump. To interconnect the pump and a controller, and breakout the RS485 connector and accessory ports, use Pfeiffer cable part number P103335 or P1011168.

We offer a variety of optional accessories, including the OmniControl 200 and DCU 110 pump controllers, inlet screens, forced air-cooling and water-cooling kits, solenoid operated vent valves, and heater bands (for Conflat CF flanged pumps only).

Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo Pump with KN-40 Inlet and TC 110 Drive Unit Specifications:

  • Part Number: PM P03 942 A
  • Inlet Flange: KF 40
  • Base Pressure: 7.5 x 10-8 Torr
  • Operating Speed: 90,000 RPM
  • Mounting orientation: Any
  • Pumping Speed: 41 l/s
  • Cooling Method Standard: Convection
  • Cooling Method Optional: Forced Air or Water (75 l/h, 15 to 25 °C)
  • Exhaust Flange: KF-16, G 1/4” (BSPP)
  • Venting Connection: G 1/8” (BSPP)
  • Integral Controller: TC 110 Drive Unit
  • Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Maximum Power: 110 Watts
  • Run-up Time: 1.7 Min.
  • Interfaces: RS485, Remote, through 15-Pin D-Sub X3 Connector
  • Accessory Ports: Two through 15-pin D-Sub X3 Connector
  • Input Power: Through 15-pin D-Sub X3 Connector
  • Operating Mode Display: 3 LEDs
  • Recommended Roughing Pump: HiScroll 6 Dry Scroll Pump

The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace series of turbopumps feature a unique rotor design with proven hybrid bearings. HiPace pumps achieve high pumping speeds and high gas throughput as well as high compression for light gases. HiPace pumps have both turbomolecular and drag stages for improved tolerance to higher backing line pressures and offer enhanced pumping speeds across all gas species. HiPace hybrid bearings are a combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the fore vacuum side and a permanent magnetic radial bearing on the high-vacuum side. This bearing technology does not require electromagnets and has an extended service life with typical maintenance intervals of approximately 4 years. In addition to enhanced performance, all HiPace turbo pumps have field serviceable oil cartridges and shaft bearings which dramatically decreases downtime.

Pfeiffer HiPace pumps with a Conflat CF flange are true ultra-high vacuum (UHV) pumps with an ultimate pressure into the 10-10 Torr range (if all-metal intake seal gaskets are used and the vacuum chamber is completely cleaned and baked out). Turbo pumps with ISO flanges are limited (by permeation and outgassing of the rubber/elastomer O-ring seals) to an ultimate pressure in the 10-8 Torr range. The intake of Conflat-flanged HiPace pumps can be baked up to 120 °C if the turbo is water cooled.

Typical Turbo Pump Applications include:

  • General clean pumping applications
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes - SEM
  • Beam lines and high energy physics
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Sample Preparation
  • Research and Development
  • High Energy Physics
  • Industrial
  • Semiconductor
  • Coatings
  • Surface Science Instruments

The pump instruction manual and Pfeiffer HiPace pump product brochures are available in the downloads.


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