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Max-Bakeout Conflat Bakeout Single-Zone Temperature Controller PID, 8 Amp Solid-State, 960 Watts

Max-Bakeout Conflat Bakeout Single-Zone Temperature Controller PID, 8 Amp, 960 Watt Output, For Bakeout Of Conflat Fittings
For Vacuum Fitting Temperature Control, Requires 120 VAC Input Power, Temperature Monitoring With Type K Thermocouple

Our Max-Bakeout temperature controllers are designed to control the temperature of our conflat flange band heaters. They are single-zone temperature controller PID solutions which can provide up to 8-Amp solid-state at 960 Watt output. These Max-Bakeout temperature controllers have rear connections for the heaters and a type K Thermocouple (sold separately) to measure the fitting temperature in real-time. These controllers require standard 120 VAC input power, front on-off switch, with PID control features to accurate control the desired temperature.

Max-Bakeout Series Features Include:
  • Compact robust housing for industrial applications
  • Industrial hardened temperature controllers with PID algorithms
  • Turnkey system eliminates costly design and manufacturing time
  • Easily customized for applications requiring alternative functionality or components.

Information On Our Conflat Nozzle Type Band Heaters
These conflat 2.75 (2-3/4) inch nozzle heaters are designed to be tightened around the outer surface of the conflat flange. The thermal energy from the bakeout process helps desorb layers of water vapor in vacuum chambers allowing the molecular water vapor to be pumped away leading to a much quicker pump down time for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. These conflat flange bakeout nozzle heaters are a low-cost solution to more expensive CF heating jackets. These conflat thin band nozzle heaters have a 2.75-inch inner diameter by 1.0-inch width, operate on 110 to 120 VAC input power, consume 300 Watts of power. and have 18-inch flying FFG Leads. They are tightened on to the conflat flange with an integrated socket head cap screw hardware component. Conflat ultra-high vacuum metal-to-metal seal with copper gasket and stainless-steel conflat flanges allows for baking of temperatures up to 450 C. (maximum bakeout temperature can be limited by the choice of gasket material).

These nozzle heaters work directly with our heating and temperature control units which incorporate temperature measurement input for a thermocouple. These items work together to make a complete CF heating and temperature control solution. Caution - it is important to understand the risk of being burned by heated vacuum flanges. The bakeout temperature of conflat flanges and fittings can reach 450 degrees Celsius! This is extremely hot and the vacuum system operator needs to be trained correctly on how to not to be burned by these severely hot surfaces.

Ideal Vacuum offers CF Flange heaters as heating solutions for your vacuum chambers and systems (call us to learn more about our heating solutions 505-872-0037).

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