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Available Now: 6   EVAC Aluminum Metal Knife Edge Seal ISO 63 LF 63 for UHV Seal PN ISO-63-MS-A 65.1
RoHS Compliance Sticker

Sale: $65.10

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EVAC Aluminum Metal Knife Edge Seal ISO 63 LF 63 for UHV Seal PN ISO-63-MS-A

EVAC Aluminum metal seal for converting elastomer (Viton/Buna) rubber seal ISO63, LF63 to UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) Seal - PN NW-63-MS-A

This EVAC Aluminum Metal Seal ISO63 LF63 flange is for converting Elastomer (Viton/Buna) rubber seals to UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) aluminum metal seals. This allows for a lower vacuum compared to elastomer (Viton/Buna) rubber seals. Other benefits include: reduced outgassing, no permeation , no hydrocarbons, and resistance to radiation and higher heat. The resultant UHV seal has a helium leak rate of less than 1 X 10 -11 standard cc/sec. They can also be baked repeatedly to 150°C (302°F). The ISO double or single claw clamps and an aluminum knife edge seal form the UHV vacuum seal between the connecting ISO LF flanges. (please see middle graphic above - click to enlarge). This EVAC metal seal is made of aluminum. This is a ISO63 LF63 aluminum metal knife edge seal only, the single or double claw clamps are NOT included but available on this website. For a complete explaination of this UHV Seal and dimensions of the ISO LF aluminum metal knife edge seal, download the EVAC Flange Brochure .pdf below.

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PDF Logo EVAC Flange Brochure.pdf

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