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Available Now:  3   Agilent Varian VHS-4, VHS-6 and VHS-250 Diffusion Pump Heater Insulator, PN 86087001 97.461
Expecting:   1
Anticipated Arrival:  1 on 2021-10-27

Sale: $97.46



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Agilent Varian VHS-4, VHS-6 and VHS-250 Diffusion Pump Heater Insulator, PN 86087001

Agilent Varian VHS-4, VHS-6 & VHS-250 Diffusion Pump Heater Insulator, Replacement Part, For New Style Diffusion Pumps
Agilent Varian Part Number 86087001

These Agilent Varian VHS-4, VHS-6 & VHS-250 diffusion pump heater insulators are used to insulate the heater from pumps bottom cover. These heater insulators are used in the new-style diffusion pumps. These are OEM Agilent Varian replacement parts with part number 86087001, see #11b below in illustration for heater insulator location.

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Specification Value
Pumping Speed, Operating Range 750 l/s air, 940l/s He/H₂
Maximum Pumping Speed 1,200 l/s air w/standard cold cap; 950 w/extended cold cap
Maximum Throughput 1.5 T-l/s (2.0 mbar-l/s) in operating range, 2.5 T-l/s (3.2 mbar-l/s) @ 0.01 Torr
Operating Range 2x10⁻³ to < 5x10⁻⁹ Torr (2.7 x 10⁻³ < 6.5 x 10⁻⁹ mbar)
Maximum Forepressure No Load: 0.65 Torr (0.86 mbar)
Full Load: 0.55 Torr (0.73 mbar)
Recommended Backing Pump ≥ 10 cfm (17 m³/hr)
Backstreaming Rate < 5x10⁻⁴ mg/cm²/min (with standard cold cap)
Warmup Time 10 minutes
Cooldown Time 10 minutes (with quick cool coil)
Fluid Charge 300 cc
Electrical Requirements 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 120/208/240 VAC
Pump Power 1,450 Watts
Cooling Water Requirements 0.5 gpm (30 l/h) at 60-80 °F (15-26 °C)
Water Connections 1/8 in. FPT Tee

VHS-4 Diffusion Pump Replacement Parts List

Description Part No. Item
Standard Cold Cap Assembly 86488301 1
Extended Cold Cap Assembly F6898301 2
Sight Glass Repair Kit consisting of: L8908301 3
   Sight Glass L8816001 5.1
   Gasket, Teflon L9694001 5.1
   O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-113 CommI 5.1
   O-ring, Viton, Parker No. 2-226 CommI 5.1
Jet Assembly F4785301 4
Splash Baffle F4780301 5
Foreline Baffle Assembly 86754301 6
Thermal Switch Includes: L8912301 7
   Switch (set at 300 F 147 C) 642906025 7a
   Lug 648056680 7b
   Wire 656179100 5.1
   Box Insulator 89867001 7d
Heaters (one heater required per pump) 8
   120 V / 1450 watt Heater Element 647304205 5.1
   208 V / 1450 watt Heater Element 647304210 5.1
   240 V / 450 watt Heater Assembly 647304250 5.1
VHS-4 heater wire, 10 AWG, 24 inches (3 per pump required) X3901-68001 9
Lugs, Replacement, nickel 648056680 10
Heater Clamp 88164301 11
Heater Insulation 86087001 12
Baffle Retaining Ring 699992156 13
O-Ring Kit includes: K0377183 14
   3 Butyl inlet flange O-ring, Parker No. 2-258 5.1
   10 Viton fill and drain O-rings (old style), Parker No. 2-112 5.1
   10 Viton fill and drain O-rings (new style, Parker No. 2-113 5.1
   1 Sight glass O-ring, Parker No. 2-226 5.1
   1 PTFE gasket 5.1
Screw, Rd hd machine, no. 8-32x31/416, stainless steel Screw 15
Stud, no. 8-32 x 1/2, stainless steel Stud 16
Screw, Socket hd cap, no. 8-32x11/44, stainless steel Screw 17
Centering ring for ISO inlet flange, 160K IC160SV 18
Centering ring for ISO foreline flange, KF40 KC40SV 19
Santovac 5 diffusion pump fluid, 500 cc 695405005
Installation and Operation Manual 699901021
PDF Logo Agilent Varian VHS4 VHS6 & VHS250 Diffusion Vacuum Pumps.pdf

PDF Logo Agilent Diffusion Pumps Catalog.pdf

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