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  Varian Warranty

Available Now: 2   Agilent Varian AX-65 Diffusion Pump, ISO63K, 250W Heater For Santovac 5 Oil, 115 VAC, PN L9707301 2202

Sale: $2,202.00

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Agilent Varian AX-65 Diffusion Pump, ISO63K, 250W Heater For Santovac 5 Oil, 115 VAC, PN L9707301

Agilent Varian AX-65 Diffusion Pump, ISO-63K Inlet, 250 Watt Heater Designed For Santovac 5 Oil, 65 l/s of Air Pumping Speed
Air Cooled, Standard Cold Cap (No Baffle) Operates On 1-Phase 115 VAC, Agilent Varian Part Number L9707301

These Agilent Varian model AX-65 high vacuum diffusion pumps are air cooled and the primary industrial standard for compact high vacuum pumping. The Agilent Varian AX-65 diffusion pumps have a high pumping speed for all gases and the lowest cost per unit pumping speed when compared with other types of pumps used in the same vacuum range. The AX-65 pumps feature glass fill and drain assemblies for easy maintenance of diffusion pump fluid and continuous monitoring. These AX-65 models include a finned boiler which increases the surface area and prolongs fluid life. The full fractionating design allows vaporized fluid to be fractionated in the boiler and jet assembly. Contamination and decomposition products are pumped away and only the purest vapor reaches the top jet, assuring highest speed and lowest backstreaming.

This Agilent Varian AX-65 Diffusion Pump Includes:
  • Air Cooled Diffusion Pump With Fan, PN L9707301
  • Inlet ISO-63K, Outlet KF16
  • Standard Cold Cap (No Baffle)
  • 115 VAC @ 250 Watt Heater (Designed To Be Used With Santovac 5 Oil)
Diffusion pumps use a high-speed jet of vapor to direct gas molecules in the pump throat down into the bottom of the pump and out the outlet. The oil diffusion pump is operated with an oil that has low vapor pressure (Santovac 5 or IVP 704 depending on the heater harness). Its purpose is to achieve higher vacuum (lower pressure) than possible by use of positive displacement pumps alone. The Agilent Varian AX-65 can pump down to pressures of 5x10-8 Torr. Diffusion pumps cannot discharge directly into the atmosphere, so a mechanical forepump, roughing pump is typically used to maintain an outlet pressure around 1 mTorr.

In all diffusion pumps, a small amount of backstreaming occurs. Backstreaming is the migration of minute levels of oil that move in the opposite direction, toward the inlet of the pump and into the process stream, which may be the stage of an electron microscope or a welding chamber. In some applications, minor backstreaming has no impact; in others, where the purity of materials is critical, backstreaming cannot be tolerated. For this reason, the Agilent Varian AX-65 can be OPTIONALLY equipped with a baffle to deflect oil particles before they can reach the process stream.

These Agilent Varian Diffusion Pumps are very reliable, simple in design and operate with no noise or vibration. Diffusion pumps are still the most economical means for creating high-vacuum pressures. Diffusion pumps also tolerate operating conditions such as excess particles and reactive gases that would destroy other types of high-vacuum pumps. They can be ordered with a 1-phase 90, 115, 165, or 220 VAC heater harness. We stock and sell Santovac 5 and IVP 704 diffusion pump fluids for this pump (depending on heater harness). Please see below in our “Related” section for additional accessories that may benefit your vacuum applications and maintenance needs. We offer a large variety of vacuum greases, oils, vacuum fittings, hoses, vacuum gauges, sensors/transducers, parts and accessories sold separately on this website.

These Agilent Varian AX-65 diffusion pumps have ISO-63K inlet vacuum flange, contain the 250 Watt heater which is designed for use with Santovac 5 oil, have a pumping speed of 65 l/s, are air cooled, being compact for easy incorporation into small laboratory instruments, operates on 1-phase 115 VAC and has Agilent Varian part number L9707301. The Agilent Varian AX 65 diffusion pump user's instruction manuals can be downloaded in PDF format below. These are typical stock items that often ship same day as order is placed.

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Specification Units AX-65 with cold cap AX-65 with baffle
Operating Range
3x10⁻³ to < 5x10⁻⁸
3.9x10⁻³ to < 6.5x10⁻⁸
8.0x10⁻³ to < 5x10⁻⁸
10.4x10⁻³ to < 6.5x10⁻³
Pumping Speed,
l/s, Air
l/s, Helium
Throughput (Air), Max.
Optimum Range

Overload Range
(@ 1x10⁻² Torr)


Forepressure, Max.
No Load

Full Load


Compression Ratio Air
Backstreaming Rate
at Pump Inlet
mg/cm² < 2x10⁻⁴ < 2x10⁻⁵
Electrical Power
VAC, 50/60 Hz
1 Phase
Watts 200/250
Warmup Time minutes 7
Cooldown Time minutes 10
Fluid Charge cc 30
backing pump
cfm (m³/hr) ≥ 1.5 (2.5)
Cooling Fan cfm 30
Inlet Flange N/A NW50 or ISO-63-K
Body N/A Stainless steel
Jet Assembly N/A Three-stage, self-aligning, aluminum, w/ aluminum cold cap
Net Weight lbs (kg) 8 (3.63)

AX-65 Diffusion Pump Replacement Parts List

Description Part No. Item
Jet Assembly L9674301 1
Cold Cap L9675301 2
Inlet Baffle L9706001 3
Inlet Baffle Retrofit Kit R1160065 3
Jet Alignment Kit L9995301 4
Heaters (one heater required per pump) 5
   90 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994301 5.1
   115 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994303 5.2
   165 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994302 5.3
   220 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994304 5.4
   115 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994307 5.5
   220 V / 250 watt Heater Harness L9994308 5.6
Normally Closed Thermal Switch (set to open at 365°) L9964001 6
Optional Normally Open Switch (set to close at 170°) L9964002 7
Fan 661300138 8
Foreline Baffle L9676301 9
Inlet Centering Ring Assembly, NW50 with Viton O-ring L9680301 10
Foreline Centering Ring Assembly, NW16 with Viton O-ring KC16AV 11
Bottom Insulation L9701002 12
Santovac 5 diffusion pump fluid, 40 cc 695405001 13
PDF Logo Agilent Varian AX-65 Diffusion Pump Manual.PDF

PDF Logo Agilent Varian Diffusion Pumps Catalog.PDF

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