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New Varian MiniTask AG81 Dry Turbo Systems New Varian TPS Compact Scroll Backed Dry Turbo Systems Agilent Varian TPS-bench Vacuum System w/ 84FS turbo, KF40, CF 2.75, CF 4.5, ISO-63 inlet, 304 turbo ISO 100, ISO 160, CF 6, CF 8, IDP3, DS 102, DS 202, DS 302, DS 42 SH 110, Roughing Pump & Cont.
Agilent Varian TPS-mobile TwisTorr 304 FS ISO-100 inlet and SH110, TPS Mobile, Turbomolecular Vacuum Systems. Agilent Varian TPS-Flexy system w/TwisTorr 84 FS Turbo, ISO63 inlet, IDP3 Scroll & Onboard Controller on Compact Mounting Platform