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Granville Phillips Convectron Gauge Controller Sensors Granville Phillips 275 Mini Convectron Module Gauge, Basic Version, 1/8 inch NPT, 1/4 inch NPT, 3-Digit Granville Phillips Convectron Gauge Controllers
Granville Phillisp Convectron Gauge Controller Cables Granville Phillips 475 Convectron Vacuum Pressure Gauge Controller, no set points, 2 set points, power supply, Granville Phillips 475 Convectron Gauge Kit, with 275 Convectron Gauge, NO Set Points or Set Points Option, KF-16, KF-25, KF-40, KF-50, CF-1.33, CF-2.75, 1/8 MNPT, 1/8 VCR, 1/4 VCR