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Pfeiffer Sensor Cable for Compact FullRange Gauges and Controller Units - 3 meters Pfeiffer MPT200 Compact Full Range Guage KF16 CF 1.33 Pfeiffer PBR 260 Compact Pirani Hot Cathode Combo Gauge , 10-10 Torr, KF25 NW25, PN PTR27000
Pfeiffer PCR 280 Compact Pirani Capacitance Combo Gauge , 10-4 Torr, KF16 NW16, PN PTR26850 NEW Pfeiffer Compact FullRange Gauge PKR 251 Active Pirani Cold Cathode Transmitter CF NEW Pfeiffer TPG Portable TPG 202 Piezo Piranik Gauges KF16
NEW Pfeiffer Maxi Gauge TPG 256A 6 Channel Measurement & Control for Compact Gauges Pfeiffer TPR 280 Compact Pirani Gauge Sensor, Range 10-4 Torr, KF16 NW16