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Agilent Varian VacIon Plus 20, 40, 55, 75, 150, 300, 500 StarCell Ion Pump, 2 to 120 l/s pumping speed, 4.5in CF Intake. VacIon Plus 75 StarCell Ion Pump with 6 inches Conflat/CF Intake, 120 V. Ultimate pressure below 10-11 Torr, VacIon Plus 150 StarCell Ion Pump with heaters installed, 120 V, Negative, 6 Inches Conflat/CF Intake. Ultimate pressure below 10-11 Torr,
Agilent Varian VacIon 40, 55, 75, 150, 300 StarCell Ion Pump W/ 120 VAC heaters, 37-240 l/s pumping speed. Agilent Varian VacIon Extruded Aluminum Frame For Support and Structure of Ion & Turbo Pumps, acIon Plus 150 StarCell Combination Pump, with side mounted Cryopanel, with Titanium Agilent Varian MiniVac Mini Vac Ion Pump Controllers for Miniature and Small Ion Pumps
Agilent Varian 4UHV Ion Pump Controller, 120 Watt, Negative, PN 9299100, Titanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) Controller, with RS-232, 120 VAC, 9290032 Agilent Varian TSP Controllers Agilent Varian Titanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) Controller Cable 3.6 Meters (12 ft), for VacIon Cable, HV Bakeable Ion Pump Cable, Radiation Resistant, 4 Meters (13 ft) Long, with Interlok
These Extruded Aluminum Frames are designed to provide support and optional mounting for UHV Ion & Turbo Pumps systems Coper Pinch Off Manual Device Tool, Cooper Pinch Adapter, 1.33 CF, 2.75 CF