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Home > Oils, Hose, and Grease > Oil Clean Up And Handling Supplies > Fomblin And Krytox Cleaning Solvents > PERFLUOROSOLV PFS-2 Perfluorinated Cleaning Solvent For PFPE Pump Fluids Fomblin Krytox, 1 Gallon
PERFLUOROSOLV PFS-2 Perfluorinated Cleaning Solvent For PFPE Pump Fluids Fomblin Krytox, 1 Gallon
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PERFLUOROSOLV perfluoropolyether PFS-2 Perfluorinated Cleaning Solvent For PFPE Pump Fluids Fomblin Krytox

*Perflurosolv PFS-2 PFS2 has a low 340 molecular weight perfluoropolyether enhances performance in electronic and semiconductor cleaning applications.
*Perflurosolv PFS-2 PFS2 is used in applications include pump and compressor cleaning, degreasing, dewatering, vapor blanketing, flash point reduction, and trace residue elimination.
*Perflurosolv PFS-2 PFS2 is compatible and miscible with perfluoropolyether fluid (PFPE) and perfluorocarbon fluids at all temperatures and with chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) oils and greases above 45C.
*Perflurosolv perfluoropolyether PFS-2 PFS2 acts as a diluent in the application of more viscous PFPE fluids and greases.
*Perflurosolv perfluoropolyether PFS-2 PFS2 is non-flammable and well-suited for cleaning operations where solvents are applied to hot components, heated prior to application, pressure sprayed onto components, used in forced air stream cleaning, and extended immersion baths are required.
*Perflurosolv perfluoropolyether PFS-2 PFS2 has a lower boiling point and for a faster evaporation rate than PFS-1.

PFPE and CTFE fluids are used extensively in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing for vacuum pump lubrication and in chip etching processes. Here, product integrity literally depends on maintaining ultra clean environments, so thorough cleanings are mandatory. PFS-2 has proven to be highly efficient in the elimination of contaminate build-ups or organic cleaner residues. PFS-2 is also used in vacuum pump and compressor components during flushing and rebuilding operations.

Similarly, compounders and packagers of PFPE and CTFE based products, facing continuous workplace and machinery clean-ups, have successfully converted to PFS-2 solvent for easier, less restrictive cleaning operations. PFS-2 also performs many diluent functions for specialized product applications. PFS-2 is also used to improve the flashpoint of organic solvents and as a vapor blanket to lower both solvent losses and the fire hazard.

The application of PFS-2 for the removal of a PFPE grease, such as Fomblin Y-VAC 3, is a bit more complicated. These greases as mixtures of a finely ground PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) powder with a Fomblin PFPE liquid, generally one that is used or could be used as a diffusion pump fluid in a high vacuum system. PFS-2 is able to solve only the liquid component of the grease. This means that for the composite structure, the PFS-2 removes the liquid phase but not the solid particulate phase, and it should be pointed out that there is no known solvent for the PTFE particles. Hence, the application of PFS-2 in a grease removal situation, will do some good for sure, however some kind of mechanical actions will be required for the removal of the solid particulates.

Appearance: Clear liquid
Odor: None
CAS #69991-67-9
Boiling Point/Range: 57C
Vapor Pressure: 228 mg Hg @ 25C
Specific Gravity: 1.070
Water solubility: 14 ppm(wt)

Product: PERFLUOROSOLV PFS-2 Perfluorinated Cleaning Solvent For PFPE Pump Fluids Fomblin Krytox, 1 Gallon
Condition: New
Warranty: Against Product Defect
Part Number: P102608
Sale Price:$678.50