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Vacuum Ball Valves - Manual and Pneumatic Ball Valves
KF Flanged or Conflat. Manual Right Angle or Inline Lever.
Vacuum Butterfly Valves - NW and KF Butterfly Valves
KF Flanged, Manual Viton or Nitrile, Aluminum Diaphragm Valves
Agilent Varian Electromagnetic Valves, Ideal Vacuum Electromagnetic Nickel-Coated Aluminum Solenoid Valve, KF-16, KF-58, 115VAC, 24VDC
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All Metal Angle Valve, 0.75 to 1.50 Inch Manual, 1.33 to 1.50 Inch CF-F Vacuum Fittings, Conflat Flange, SS
Vacuum System Protection Valves - These valves protect the vacuum system from the vacuum when powered down.
Agilent Variable Leak Valve CF 2.75 in. X Mini-CF 1.33 in. Optically Flat Sapphire
Vacuum System Vent Valves - These vent valves are typically used to bring the vacuum chamber up to atmospheric pressure.